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Hope your weather stays nice Patrick, what a gorgeous Lion. Interesting fact.  Will you be drawing SS when you turn 65? Mary darling baby tiger,  hoping  your T storms have stopped. I think they might upset Ruby, not sure, unusual if we do. Voted. Hi Ruth, hope you had a good Birthday.  All enjoy Friday. 

sweet penguins Gayle its pouring rain here  but the storm seems quiet for now hi Patrick and Ruth happy friday all votedAppropriate-Username - Baby Chimp and Baby Gorilla

Scattered T-storms ATM... No, I will have to wait until 66 and 2 months to top out on SS. However, the Medicare will be nice. There's associated costs though, like the Part B, prescription added plan, and another cost for an add-on to pay deductibles. Almost $300 a month to take it all.

Cute pengys, adorable ape and chimp babies.

Hi Ruth

Have a great Friday!!

Happy Saturday all.  It's another warm one here. Glad you got the additional health care Patrick, your amount isn't bad, mine is higher higher. I'm old LOL.  Cute cheetah. Hi Mary and Ruth. Voted.

Black bear cub, animals, bears, baby animals HD wallpaper ...

Good afternoon ladies. Cute little bear Gayle. I'd love to hug him (if his mom wouldn't kick my butt, lol). It's very hazy here, from the Sahara dust storm passing over us. We won't see blue skies for a few days, or more.

Medicare shouldn't have premiums, after paying in all of our lives. I can understand paying in extra for a prescription plan, because that's an outside insurance company. I know they will also charge income taxes on the Social Security as well, even though the contributions were taxed.

They say those programs will run out in 15 years, while at the same time bailing out big corporations for the tune of trillion$. This is why I have always belonged to the Libertarian Party. Our Candidate this year is Dr Jo Jorgensen, and she's excellent.

Hi Mary, hi Gayle..

Have a great Sat. and TY for the votes.

A big 'ol vulture (I like them, lol)

hi Patrick i didn't know there was a third party in america  i thought it was just 2  i think thats unfair taxing pensions they do it here as well if its high enough ,sweet cheetah an vulture hi Gayle darling little bear its still wet here  hi Ruth how are you votedФотографияi think this sparrow is irish 


just popping in to vote happy sunday all 

Gorgeous leopard Mary. Yep, there's numerous parties Gayle.

Of course the Dems and Repubs (for well over 150 years) also, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitutional Party and several very small ones.

I joined the Libertarian Party in 1980 and have voted that way every 4 years since.

Here's our latest ad for Dr Jorgensen, click to open in full screen

Hi Ruth...

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes!

Just popped in to vote. Beautiful leopard Mary and cute one Patrick. I understand your voting libertarian Patrick. Better than what we have now for sure. Happy Monday all. Stay safe. Hi Ruth

Mary Claire Vandenburg (clairevandenburg) on Pinterest

Good afternoon W1 friends. When I look at Trump, and Biden,, I can't understand how a nation of 330 million people came up with those choices. These are the two very best Americans to be president, out of our entire nation? LOL

Almost half the nation doesn't even vote anymore. At least the LP isn't beholding to big corporations and/or lobbyists.

Except for Justin Amash (the only Libertarian in congress) the Dems and Repubs control everything. They control the government, ballot access, media and debates. They both agree on more and more war, bigger and bigger govt., more and bigger debt --- and that there should only be 2 parties. Them. lol...

Hi Ruth and Mary!

Have a nice Monday (storming here soon) and TY for the daily votes!

Strawberry Finch

our government is made up of 3 parties at the moment but there are about 12 in ireland and we are a very small country  i can't understand why more people don't try some other  choices i know some of them are looney but some small guys are good too ,and they can influence  the big ones .beautiful foxes Gayle  sweet little bird Patrick hi Ruth happy monday all votedDIGDAGA

Lovin the penguins, gorilla & monkey friends, young cheetah sharpening his claws, baby bear roaming around, the vulture with huge wing span, little bird in rain, yep, he's irish, the leopards, especially the precious cub, the cute little fox kits, and very colorful bird, my friends.

Thanks for birthday wishes. Genevieve, and I went to Goodwill, and hung out with the girls. Always best time ever. Got a $50 gift card from my Dad and his wife, and cards from my Mom, brothers, and Sister-in-Law. Wow, 59. I remember when I turned 50. Was it that long ago? Lol.

After the re-openings were too soon, people still going to large gatherings. Deep in their hearts they know it's wrong in so many ways, but choose to ignore giving someone(s) the virus, or killing them from it, like their family members. GRRRR!

Genevieve, and the girls love their new place. One of the downsides is Scooter, their outdoor cat, can't go outside there. He was so pissed, Maren, their girl cat, got bullied by him, but she's okay. We let him come over here sometimes with Rohke, bffs. Known each other for 6 years now. They venture together outside, and inside.

It rained and haled yesterday. I got soaked riding bike from store. My car, Dusty Blue, has been down for about a month now. Way too long. We've checked the problems it could be, with help from the internet. Robert said it's the carberator. I miss being free, driving, wah.

Night love, and hugs for all of you, and your animal kids. Voted.

2 Fur balls hangin out on back porch

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