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Good afternoon ladies. Taking it easy today, for the holiday. We're going to the little town a few miles up the road for a fireworks display. Everyone chips in and it's pretty darn good for such a rural area. Any plans Gayle?

Is this a regular weekend for you Mary?

Hi Ruth

Have a nice Sat and TY for voting

Baby bat riding mom

enjoy the holiday Patrick Gayle Ruth very wet here today  love the bats lions and flamingos Addie Comfort Dog - This picture is my all time very favorite Fourth of July photo! Totally PAWESOME!! All 3 pups smiling in our photo shoot redo today and we borrowed a neighbors American Flag :) Happy July 4th ...be Safe and Enjoy ? Tyler, Brie, Bentley and their Mommy Sandy (Facebook via K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs from Tyler, Brie, Bentley and their Mommy Sandy) voted

i hope Ruby isn't too upset by crackers Gayle 

Gayle/Mandi Traut said:

Love the geese and the antelope Mary. Lucky you going for a horse back ride. I'd rather do that than drive :-)  Hi Patrick and Ruth. Warming up, going to be very hot here tomorrow and Sunday. Firecrackers going off already around here :-(  All take care TGIF  Voted

Singita GUIDE'S DIARY - Luxury Safaris

Patrick, it sounds like you'll have a great time enjoying the 4th. Cool bat. No plans here, keeping pets happy with loud TV. No Mary, Ruby hasn't been scared by the fireworks, she just barks at them,  but at age 10 one never knows. The big loud boom ones are a little scary for them both. Love your picture, your dogs by any chance? Hi Ruth. All stay safe , Happy 4th. Voted.

Cute doggos Mary. We don't really have any animals that freak over fireworks. They were several miles down the road at our little town park. They were really good though. 45 minutes non-stop. with a LOT of really big ones.

I think because so many down the road have gun ranges on their property, and shoot on the weekends, the animals are unafraid. Of course the tigers aren't afraid of anything. lol

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday, TY for the votes

African Harrier-Hawk

sweet doggie Gayle  gorgeous hawk Patrick i hope you and Ruth had a great 4th veery windy here happy sunday all votedBlack-and-yellow Broadbill | @panti forest m'sia | eddy lee | Flickr

No scaring the big cats LOL. Love the hawk Patrick. All good here, Ruby just barked at a couple big booms, then went to bed LOL. Buster was fine. Mary, pretty bird. Hope your wind will die down a little for you.. Hi Ruth All  have a good Sunday. Voted

10 wild animals in Sweden — WildSweden - wildlife adventures in Sweden

So glad you, and Karen had a great firework show, Patrick. Always love the big ones. My faves at one time were the halos. We stayed in, but heard the neighbors doing mostly firecrackers, and picalo peets, I think. It does make sense why the animals there don't react to the fireworks. They are so use to the sound of guns shooting through the years. Did the dust finally settle? The baby bat is holding on tight during his flight on Mama bat. Beautiful hawk.

So funny Ruby barking at the big sound' fireworks, Mandi. Glad Buster was fine during all of the ruckus out there. When Rohke was in the garage with door closed last night, he heard one of the fire crackers close by, and flitted in the house really fast, lol. Cute July 4th dobie. Precious Mama lynx or bobcat, and cubs all bunched up together in snow.

My Son, Eric, 38 years old never got a driver's license because he doesn't want to drive. That's okay for him. I remember riding a horse when I was 15. When we got close to the stables, he ran so fast, I guess for the oats there, it was tough to hold on. If we get another stimulus, I'm getting a rebuilt carborater, so I can finally drive. Genevieve's been taking me to store sometimes when she isn't working. Very cool Daughter.

great to have a lift Ruth i often wish i could drive my son Gavin always said he wouldn't drive but now at 39 he's learning so there's hope yet i hope you get your own wheels going soon ,Still very windy Gayle its supposed to stay that way for a while i was supposed to be going to Lisbon for 4 days next week i'm not going of course but it is disappointing  sweet bobcats hi Patrick happy monday all votedMum and Baby Hippopotamus

Great pics ladies.. That baby hippo is so cute, kissing huge mom. Love Lynxes Gayle.

Hope you can get a ride going Ruth. I have always seen driving as a type of freedom.

Have a nice Monday friends, and Ty for voting

Cardinals, which are lifetime mates

Nice to have such a good daughter Ruth. Hope your ride gets fixed. Love the baby hippo kissing Mom Mary. Good for  your son driving.  I agree Patrick about driving. Adorable Cardinals -Voted Happy Monday all.

Sponsor Baby Animals – WildCare

yep it sure is Patrick i wish i could drive i'm too old to learn now and it would be very expensive sweet cardinals Pretty deer Gayle hi Ruth votedGolden-breasted Starling/ Choucador Royal by Subhan Allah

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