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July is a tough time for you Patrick   my dad died in july 2 years ago. Gayle that was sad for you too You both have my sympathy i never lost a sibling and i have 10 i'm the oldest so i may never be the one to lose  beautiful moma and baby bird and hippos gorgeous finch hi Ruth all stay safe votedA colorful bird called the Lilac-breasted roller - Album on Imgurlilac breasted rollar

just popping in to vote happy sunday Gayle Patrick Ruth  stay safe The Tufted Titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor) is a small songbird from North America, a species in the tit and chickadee family (Paridae). The habitat is deciduous and mixed woods as well as gardens, parks and shrubland in the eastern United States; they barely range into southeastern Canada in the Great Lakes region.

All these pretty birds. Makes me wish I still had birds. Had Fred and Mojo for decades. They are so cool to have around.

Still missing Daisy. Being disabled, I had to do a lot of extra work for her and now that she's gone, I still get the urge to tend to her. I'm sure it will pass. I was her "seeing eye human" for many years.

Yes, still raining here.. Grass is getting too tall.

Hi Ruth

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes!

Leopard leaping with prey

Very  pretty bird Mary.  I empathize with you Patrick about the care for Daisy. I had one with cancer so I know that feeling of care being a habit. It does get better but grieving is good for you. You have all our rain lol. We are dry and hot. Cool shot of the leopard with prey. All enjoy Sunday and be safe. Hi Ruth..   Voted

Strengthening laws to tackle wildlife crime in Central, West and ...

Cool eles,,, twins. We are having a nice day so far, but I see dark clouds to the west. Probably have some more rain before the day is over. Wish I could send it your way Gayle. lol

How are you doing today Mary?

Hi Ruth...

Red Cheeked Blue Waxbill

Patrick i empathize with you too  my old girl Mac had 3 strokes and although she recovered well she was blind too i know the feeling Rosie seemed to know she used to sit with her Gayle is right caring becomes a habit its a good one though taking care of a loved one  Yes Gayle we have your rain we have everyone's rain lol  hi Ruth happy monday all votedhere they are 

sweet ellies and birds  Gayle and Patrick

Awww Mary the "kids"  so cute !  Happy faces. You have ALL of our rain LOL.. Patrick those birds are beauties. I wish you & Mary could send us some rain. It's hot here again today. Hi Ruth. All have a good Monday and stay safe. California is high on the outbreaks. :-(    Voted !

No clue but pretty :-)

Beautiful wild bird!

Beautiful dogs Mary. Even my indoor cat, Kit Kit, misses Daisy. She use to snuggle up against Daisy and try to groom her. They were buddies.

No clue either Gayle. Some sort of Finch?

I wish you could have half our rain, lol...

Hi Ruth.

Have a nice Tuesday, TY for being friends :)

golden finch

beautiful birds so colourful Gayle and Patrick its lovely for cats and dogs to be friends Patrick Daisy was one lucky girl sorry to hear about the numbers Gayle  hi Ruth how are you happy tuesday all stay safe voted

That's a beauty Patrick. I had a dog and cat as a child that were buddies. And surely Kit Kat is mourning for Daisy. :-(  I wish for some of your rain too. That is so cute Mary.  Hope all is well there.  All stay safe. Enjoy Tuesday. Hi Ruth   Voted.

Long Wing Butterfly on Frog Head Soak on Water

Happy Wednesday all. Just dropped in to vote.  All be safe. Hi Patrick, Mary, and Ruth.

Bactrian camels

Bactrian Camel

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