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Good afternoon ladies. Great photos! Foxy fox

Sadly, I had to bury Daisy today. She was going down pretty fast. I got out early this morning and started digging, with big roots and stone. Came in for a quick bite,,, drew up a strong sedative and loaded my .22 rifle. When I went outside to give her an injection, she had already passed. I was so relieved not to have to shoot her.

It was sad anyway. She was born Feb 2, 2002. She had a long and spoiled life.

It's blazing hot out there, which made it harder to dig.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Hi Ruth...

This is an Arkansas Razorback hog, in the winter

Cute fox Mary, yes, greats with mom and dad getting ocean fresh air. :-) So sorry about Daisy Patrick, but so glad she passed on her own. She sure did live a long happy life with you. We Dobe owners never see those numbers. Just happy to hit double digits like Ruby at 10. Try to get some shade and rest.  That is quite the hog. Hi Ruth Voted all stay safe on this Tuesday.

Here is a baby one.

Tusk V | Arkansas Razorbacks

Good afternoon ladies. Stormy today. It was supposed to hit yesterday, but thankfully it waited a day so I could take care of Daisy. Just got back from town, getting supplies. Almost everyone had on masks, except for a few rednecks.

That's a cute wild hog piglet.

Hi Mary, hi Ruth..

Have a great camel day and TY for the daily votes.

Sorry to hear about Daisy Patrick its always so hard she had a wonderful life not many dogs see that age look after yourself  beautiful hog and cute cat ,Glad the grands got to the beach Gayle  sweet little hog yellow alert for rain here ,hi Ruth how are you votedBlue-Footed Booby | Love bird photos!we had one of these guys stranded on the coast of ireland lately but he didnt make it i think the water was too cold for him poor thing 

That is a beautiful big cat Patrick, glad the storm waited. Take care. Mary I think that a blue footed boobie? So sad it didn't make it.  Hope your weather with the alert won't be real bad.  All stay safe on this camel day. Voted. Hi Ruth.

Baby and mama

baby camel with Mama camel

beautiful camel and moma Gayle very wet here today not as bad as they said hi Patrick and Ruth stay safe all voted

TY ladies. I'm already missing her. Rain all day today.

Cool Blue-footed Booby Mary, loving camels Gayle.

Hi Ruth,,,

I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday and TY for being friends

Darling Giraffe mama and baby Mary. Glad your rain isn't as bad. Patrick, I am sure you so miss Daisy. She was so much a part of your life. So hard. And you have rain also.  What a beautiful pride of lions. Voted  Hi Ruth All have a good Thursday. We have heat.

Golden lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin | Rainforest Alliance

You have had Daisy so long Patrick she's a part of your life i think old dogs are so companionable  beautiful lion family sweet tamarins Gayle   still hot ?still rainy here ,hi Ruth happy friday all stay safe votedno two zebras have the same stripes. The use of a zebra's pattern is used for camouflage, to protect it from predators.

Thank you ladies. This is a hard week every year.
My dad died 23 years ago on July 30th.
My Mom died 13 years ago on July 28 (buried on the 30th)
My brother died 3 years ago on July 30th.

Each 10 years apart, almost to the day.

Now Daisy on July 28th.
I'll be glad when August arrives.

Awesome photos of the Tamarins and Zebras!

Hi Ruth...

I hope everyone is having a great Friday and looking forward to the weekend.

TY for the votes!

pod of hippos

Good afternoon ladies. New month, new voting. I knocked it down a bit (it was 1524) but we sill need some more to get us back in the 200's.. lol

I hope everyone is having an awesome Sat. It's sunny and cool here (from all the rain) so a very nice Aug. 1 day. I'm sure the cool won't last long. lol

TY for the votes!

Beautiful  Zebras Mary. Yes still hot here. Hope your rain stopped?  Patrick you mentioned the dates of your family passing. I too, had the same. Mother and Dad 6 mo's apart, then my only sibling brother. Loved the  hippos:-) I hope your cool lasts some time LOL.. The mommy feeding the baby bird. Adorable. Happy Saturday and Aug 1 all.  Hi Ruth  Voted the months fly by the older I get ;-)

Strawberry finch

🔥 Red Munia (strawberry finch) 🔥🔥 : NatureIsFuckingLit

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