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Tks for the search on the bird Patrick. Your weather sounds great for a change. Very cool and cute falconiformes. Mary you are having some bad weather. Poor doggies no walk. And no power:-(  Stay warm. Love the Heron? Ruby hates big winds. Sunny and 75 here today.  Voted all stay safe. Hi Ruth

I think this is a blue heron.

Free picture: great, blue, heron, bird, ardea herodias, flies, catch

Yep, pretty sure that's a great blue heron Gayle.

Is your power back Mary? Sounds like your rain will never end :o

We're catching a break on weather here. Getting things caught up. PC is still acting up, looks like I may be needing a new one.

I hope everyone is having a good camel day... Hi Ruth

White Faced Ibis

beautiful Heron Gayle your weather sounds nice my dogs hate high winds as well, power is back thanks  PC probs are such pain Patrick and we depend on them for so much I hope you get caught up on your jobs while you have a break with the weather sweet Ibis  hi Ruth all stay safe voted  red-browed pardalote

Beautiful Ibis Patrick, hope you don't have to get a new PC. Mary, great to hear your power is back and the weather is better. Cute pardalote.  We have sunshine again today. Voted  All enjoy this camel day and stay safe.. Hi Ruth

Jackson's widowbird.

Jackson's Widowbird

hi Gayle I have a few daffodils coming in my garden at last maybe now spring will come enjoy the sun  sweet widowbird hi Patrick and Ruth all stay safe  voted

I hope your right Mary that spring will be on the way. Daffodils are so pretty. Love those ellies. Hi Patrick and Ruth Voted  All stay safe.  Sunshine and very windy here. Enjoy Thursday

Reasons to be Hopeful about Wildlife Conservation in 2020 | Wildlife Conservation Network

Hi ladies. Overcast, with a chance of rain later. Gloomy by temps in the 40's F. Not too bad. Still dealing with a flooded laundry room and drain backing up. Heading downstairs to plunger it some more. May have to call a plumber to run a snake through it.

I love the daffodils, we get lots of them here,,, but usually late March into April.

Hi Ruth...

Have a great Thursday and TY for the votes

sweet ellies Gayle and Patrick  any rain Gayle  ?Patrick  I hope you can fix the drain  its a tough messy job hi Ruth all stay safe voted

Love the ell's Patrick. Any luck with the washer drain? We had that problem and finally called our plumber. Snaked the heck out of it working great so far.

Hi Mary, the lions are so cute. No rain in site of us. All stay safe. Voted Hi Ruth. TGIF

Video: Tourists on Safari Film Lions Licking Their Tent While They Hide Inside | Condé Nast Traveler

TGIF,, what a day. Been working on the flooded laundry room, among 100 other things. lol

I will call a plumber if I can't get the drain moving with drano boiling water and a plunger, but the only plumber in our area is crazy busy with broken pipes, septic back-ups, etc.

Now it's raining, the ground is totally saturated, and that might be part of the problem.

Have a great Friday and TY for the votes!


Hi Gayle and Mary. Hope you are having a nice Sat. We have rain moving in, so I'm feeding all the critters early.

We have decided to just curtail our water usage as much as possible, in case drying the system out, might help. Doesn't cost anything to try that, lol.

Have  a great day, and TY for the votes!

Some sort of a joke happening here. :D

Hi Patrick like you said costs nothing to try curtailing your water use gorgeous lioness and sweet little cubs look like they are enjoying the joke .Still no rain Gayle ?me and Patrick have it all  darling lion cubs  hi Ruth all stay safe votedstrawberry finch 

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