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Awesome pics ladies, the baby hippo and bear,, very cool. The duck is pretty.

Went to the store today, during church hours so the crowd would be light. People started coming in from churches as we were checking out, saw none with masks. Makes me wonder if they don't wear masks in church. Spreaders...

Hi Ruth

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY

Granulosa Glass Frog

The duck is pretty Mary. That is terrible nobody wearing masks Patrick. Everyone here in the stores are. Like you said spreaders.  Love the frog. Enjoy Sunday Voted Hi Ruth.

Cute or Pretty Frogs, Lizards and Bugs… Really?? | Dusky's Wonders

Good afternoon. I don't see a pic Gayle. Says Dusky

Wish people here would take it more serious. Trump said it was a fake virus, and they are hanging their hats on that (idiots). Also having daily deaths in large numbers.

Hi Mary, how goes it across the pond?

Hi Ruth...

Have a great day!!

Frogs on Heliconia

Love the pic  Patrick.  I so agree with you about the "idiots" not taking this pandemic serious.   Hi Mary hope all is well. Voted. Hi Ruth  all enjoy Monday.

The Internet's Most Asked Questions | Baby animals, Cute baby animals, Cute animals

What a cute little fox cub (kit). I'd like to play with him, lol

Hi Mary, hope all is well.

Hi Ruth

Have a great Tuesday and TY!

Cuban Tree Frog

Cute frog Patrick. I do like them :-)  Hi Mary how's the weather?  We are warming up.  Voted  Hi Ruth all enjoy Tuesday.

Baby opossum

Baby Opossum On A Grassland - Animals Paint By Numbers - Canvas Paint by numbers

pretty frogs foxes and opossum the weather is quite good her no real rain and breezy warming up again Gayle ?arghh Patrick I agree those spreaders should not be allowed into shops people have to work there they should be wearing masks in church as well  hi Ruth how are you ?happy Wednesday all voted

Happy to hear your weather is nice there Mary. Our warmup didn't happen today, it's actually cooler. :-)  Very cute deer and baby Mary. Hi Patrick everyone around here is masked.  How are you?  Voted enjoy Wednesday all.. Hi Ruth

File:Panther-mom-carries-panther-baby-big.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The baby possum looks like he has lipstick on, lol.. Adorable fawn, very cool black leopard and cub.

Went back to real hot today. Glad your rain stopped Mary. Maybe it's moving to Gayle's state.

Hi Ruth

Have a great camel day and TY

gorgeous cats Gayle and Patrick I really hope you get some of our rain Gayle sorry its so hot Patrick hi Ruth happy thursday all voted

Cool squirrels Mary. Black tails...

Hi Gayle, looks like your governor dodged the recall.

Hi Ruth, hope you are feeling better

Have a great Thurs and THANKS!

Black-Chinned Emperor Tamarin

Cute squirrels Mary, you can send us your rain anytime :-)  Darling Tamarin Patrick . Yes, our gov. did dodge it.  Our weather is nice today. But the fires I feel for the firefighters. All enjoy Thursday. Hi Ruth.

20 Animals You Never See As Babies - The Dodo

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