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Adorable penguins Mary your wet and rainy again. The wind is the worst. Glad Gizmo likes rain and water and he's turned into a sweeter lover since Obi Patrick, you do love him. :-)  That is a giant moth for sure. Interesting.  It's cooler again here today which is nice. Enjoy Thursday all. Voted Hi Ruth.


amazing moth Patrick I suppose Gizmo misses O bi they were together a long time he loves you too what a great thing to have the love of a tiger hi Gayle and Ruth happy Friday all  pouring rain here  voted

Mary, you are in a lot of rain again, I do love the baby ell. So cute. TGIF all. Hi Patrick and Ruth. We are very cool here. Voted

Cute Wild Baby Animals - YouTube

Awesome leopards... We had black leopards here for many years. They make really strange sounds (all leopards) when the female comes in heat. It sounds like respiratory distress, like someone sawing wood. Freaked me out at first, until I discovered it was normal. lol

Cute baby ele and lion cubs...

Yes, Gizmo truly loves me. I need to spend more time with him. my job keeps me at my desk a lot, but that's better than being on the road.

Have a good Friday and TY for the voting

Hi Ruth

Butterflies swarming a gorilla <3

hi Patrick I never knew about the sounds  leopards make I am learning a lot here still raining here too gorilla seems to like the butterflies  sweet cubs Gayle nice that its cool for you hi Ruth happy saturday all voted

Adorable wolf cub <3 Our rain has cleared until late tomorrow night, then T-storms, maybe some tornadoes

Hi Gayle, hope you are doing fine today.

Hi Ruth, miss seeing you.

Have a great Sat. and TY for the votes

A cute frog

Cute wolf pup Mary and you with all the rain. Your weather sounds like it's not going to be good Patrick. Cute frog. We are cold in the mornings now. Afternoons 70's. Voted, enjoy Saturday all. Hi Ruth.

59 Endearing Names for Baby Animals

cute frog Patrick your forecast is bad for the next few days hi Gayle sweet otters a bit cooler for you dry here today and cool hi Ruth happy Sunday all voted

Good afternoon ladies. Nice today, but t-storms on the way. I made sure the gen starts in case we lose power late night. Cute otters Gayle, pretty bird getting a bath Mary.

I hope you are having a pleasant Sunday.

Hi Ruth

Thank you for the votes ladies

Grey-chinned Minivet

Glad to hear your dry today Mary. Cute birdie.  That's great you have a gen Patrick.I hope you don't have to use it tonight. Cute bird love that chin:-)  Wish we did, although we don't loose power here to often. Nice weather here again. Voted Hi Ruth Happy Sunday.

The blue angels flew in S.F yesterday, I taped it, wow!!!

Golden Pheasant

What a showstopper! The Golden... - Taronga Zoo Sydney | Facebook

sweet birds Gayle and Patrick I hope your power stays on Patrick dry here again today Gayle glad you have nice weather hi Ruth happy Monday all voted

Glad you have dry weather Mary, very cute bird. Patrick hope you didn't loose power. We have cold and windy weather here today. Hate the wind. :-)  Enjoy Monday. Hi Ruth  voted.

Dark eyed junco

Dark-eyed Junco Bird Mother And Baby Chick Perched On Rock In Garden Backyard In Oregon Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 56631703.


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