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Hi ladies. Big storms all night. I just got internet back a couple of hours ago. Didn't lose power though. Very windy and cool here as well Gayle. Glad your dry Mary

Is that an Emu chick?

Hi Ruth, hope you're okay

Have a nice Monday all

Greater Blue-Eared Starling

Checking in a little early, lots to do. I hope yall are having a nice Tuesday. Beautiful weather here. Rains are gone (for now)

Hi Ruth

beautiful starlings and ellies Patrick  yes an Emu great that your rain is gone still dry here very cold though hi Gayle and Ruth happy Tuesday all voted

Love the darling ells Patrick, glad your weather is good right now. Adorable bear mom and baby Mary. Good your dry, but cold ugh. We are very windy and cold today as well. All enjoy Tuesday. Voted Hi Ruth

How Much Does a Baby Elephant Weigh? More Than the Average Human

Such cute babies. Momma bear went in the water for the kid, lol. Baby eles are so precious.

Rained last night, dark but not raining right now. Looks like it could start any minute though. Posting early.

Hi Ruth

I hope yall have a nice camel day, TY for the votes

Raspberries, lol

sweet ellies Gayle cold and windy sounds like my weather  not raing here yet but soon as well Patrick  cheeky little guy sending raspberries hi Ruth happy wednesday all voted

Cute stinker Patrick. Hope your rain stays away for awhile. And  you as well Mary with the rain. Adorable ell baby. We are cold today, but going to heat up again. Had to turn the heat on for Buster and Ruby this morning. Crazy weather. Voted Hi Ruth all have a good Wednesday.

Fennec fox so cute.

LA Zoo Delivers Your Fennec Fox Fix | Cute animals, Baby animals, Animals beautiful

Good afternoon ladies. More rain coming (what's new). lol

That baby ele is so cute, and the Fennec kits are adorable. We almost took in one once, that the owner decided to get rid of. Rather than placing it in a sanctuary, they decided to sell it to another pet owner.

I hope everyone has a nice Thursday, TY for voting

purple harlequin toad

More rain for you Patrick and possibly Mary? Very pretty toad. Hope all have a nice Thursday. Voted  We are warming up again. :-( I liked the cooler temps.

beautiful toads Gayle and Patrick sweet fennic fox I bet that fox would have been much happier at your sanctuary Patrick still dry here sorry the heat Gayle strange weather all round hi Ruth enjoy Thursday all voted

TGIF and still raining. Waiting for it to slack to go to town.

People buy wild animals for pets and then they don't turn out like the owner wants,,, not like a dog. The next owner probably thought they could tame him. Once a wild animal is grown, and not handleable, they typically will never be. The Fennec would not have been required to be tame to live here. We have always let them be however they are.

We adapt to them, we don't require that they adapt to us. You can take the animal out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the animal.

Beautiful frogs <3

Have a good Friday and TY for voting. We are doing pretty good

Pretty owl

Your so right about people and wild animals Patrick. Beautiful owl. TGIF with you and more rain. And we are heating up again. Hi Mary and Ruth all have a nice Friday.  Voted.

Barn owl

Barn Owl - eBird

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