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cool zebra  shark Patrick I know the way it is rain stops muddy everywhere its chilly and wet here wish we could send you some Gayle cute little zebra  hi Ruth happy Sunday all voted

eat zebra shark Patrick and  your rain stopped. But you and Mary have wet and mud. Cute little kitty Mary and cold there.  We are in the 90's here, hot~. Enjoy Sunday, voted hi Ruth.


2 flamingo

beautiful  flamingo  and baby Gayle very heavy rain here today its getting quite wintery hi Patrick and Ruth voted

Sorry to hear of your heavy rain Mary, adorable birds. We are hot again in the 90's. Sure could use your rain:-) Hi Patrick and Ruth  enjoy Monday. Voted

The Cutest Baby Animals in the World

Late getting here. Woke up to no water. Had to, hike down to the spring and unclog the sand filters. Now time for chores. Type more tomorrow

Royal Angelfish

beautiful fish Patrick I hope you have water now sweet little koala and mom Gayle sorry about your heat hi Ruth  happy Tuesday all voted

What a beauty leopard mom and cub.

Yes, I worked on it yesterday until it was operational. Hopefully I made an improvement in how the sand filters work.

I am sore as heck, lol. My beautiful trail is almost overgrown now, with thorn vines across the trail most of the way down. I have little cuts and scratches all over my arms. I should have worn a heavy long sleeve shirt or jacket.

Hi Gayle, been seeing the news about the oil spill, what a tragedy for wildlife, especially marine life :(

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and TY for the votes!

Beautiful mom and cub Mary. Oh my Patrick, what a job, yes long sleeves next time. Glad you have water though. Lazy cheetah in the tree. We are much cooler now. The oil spill is terrible for the marine life and animals. :(  Hi Ruth Voted, enjoy Tuesday all.

50 Incredibly Cute Baby Animal Pictures around the World


I have no idea why they don't require tankers to have double hulls. If the outside hull leaked, it wouldn't go into the ocean

Heavy rain all day today, getting a little break right now, so I'll go feed Gizmo

Hi Mary. Hi Ruth

Off to finish chores, TY for voting

Greater Blue-Eared Starling

Tom said the same thing you did Patrick about the double hulls. You got Gizmo fed in between your rain. Beautiful starling.  We are cooler here today. Hi Mary and Ruth. Voted. All enjoy  hump day.

Cockatoo in flight

610 Parrots ideas in 2021 | pet birds, beautiful birds, pretty birds

I often thought that about double hulls its just greed that stops them doing it the poor sea creatures what a horrible tragedy ,We have the  rain here too and very windy  Patrick sweet starling glad you got Gizmo fed between the rainfall ,Gayle its good that its cooler sweet kitties and cockatoo hi Ruth all enjoy Thursday voted

Good afternoon ladies. I didn't end up feeding between rains. I got soaking wet. LOL. Started back up heavy. just as I was going into the perimeter. Gizmo didn't care. Rain means nothing to him. He loves the pool and hose, so it's just another way to get wet. :)

I love that big guy so much. He's very loving and likes to be kissed on the lips (through the fencing, for safety). He has become even more affectionate since Obi passed. He craves any and all attention.

I have that same cockatoo photo in my pics folder Gayle. LOL.. It's called a Major Mitchell's cockatoo. Gorgeous and a bit rare.

Adorable penguins Mary. Little tuxedos on them.

Hi Ruth

Have a great Thursday and TY for the votes

Giant Brahmin Moth

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