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Wow,  lots of beautiful, and colorful birds, and leopards hangin out.

Getting a break from snow here, whew. Sunny, but cold.

Hope you get better soon, Patrick. I have a chest cold. Trying to get all the bad mojo out. Drinking a lot of oj, and hot tea.

Hi Mary, and Mandi.

Safe, and warm hugs to all. Voted.

Parrot pazaz

Pretty bird Mary. So glad to hear your OK Patrick, I too, was worried about you. Dogs inside tonight for the cold. Love the jumping leopards. Voted. Enjoy Sunday, sunny here. cold  mornings like you Ruth. You feel better soon as well.. Beautiful parrot. 

Lazy baby :-)

baby leopard | Baby animals, Animals beautiful, Cute baby animals

Thanks Mandi. Precious leopard baby.

Hi Patrick, and Mary.

Happy Monday. Voted^5.

I love macaws, the blue and gold is very pretty. I miss my macaw almost every day. She was so amazing.

The leopard cub is adorable. The animated gif is cool...

Hi Mary, hope all is okay across the pond...

Have a nice Monday ladies and TY for the votes

Crouching Canadian lynx

I know how  much you must miss your macaw Patrick. Cool lynx Hope all is well Mary. pretty pic Ruth.. All have a nice Monday  Voted

Baby lynxAdorable Baby Lynx in a Snowy Forest Photograph by Inspired Nature Photography Fine Art Photography

Good afternoon ladies. Awesome young lynx Gayle.

Hi Mary and Ruth

Nice day here today,, a little chilly and breezy, but sunny.

Time to get back to chores

Have an awesome Tues and TY for voting

White Rumped Vulture

Glad  your weather is doable Patrick. That is a pretty vulture. Have a nice Tuesday all. Hi Mary and Ruth. Voted.

14 Wildlife Cameras of Animals That Have No Idea the World Is in Crisis Right Now | SELF

beautiful birds Ruth I hope you feel better soon  drinking lots of tea and oj will help  ,Hi Patrick awesome vulture and lynx you always miss your sweet macaw some pets are so special Gayle sweet lynx and pandas  happy Tuesday all voted

I know you miss your mccaw, Patrick. Our animals stay with us always, even when they are gone. Glad you are getting good weather to get out for chores. Cool crouching lynx. Vulture spread your wings.

Precious baby lynx, and pandas, Mandi.

Thanks, Mary. Checkin in with doc tomorrow to get better quicker. Gorgeous leopard posing.

Tuesday hugs. Voted.

haha thats a cool lion Ruth I hope your feeling better hi Patrick and Gayle voted

Happy camel day ladies. Pandas are soo adorable. Pretty leopard and mountain lion. Baby bear is in a safe spot.

It may be nice here now, but by the weekend it will be well below freezing at night. Is it too early to wish for spring? lol

Have a great day and TY for voting

*In an octopus' garden, in the sea* (Beatles, lol)

They can change colors at will

Happy camel day all. Like all your pix Mary and Ruth. The baby bear is adorable Mary and Ruth your mountain lion is pretty. When the cold hits Patrick will the dogs come in? That is cool about the octopus Patrick.   All have a nice day. Voted.

Mexican walking fish

Meet the Peter Pan of salamanders, the axolotl | Magazine Articles | WWF

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