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Lovin' the pics,, Hope your weather improves Mary. Sounds like you could use some more rain Gayle. North Africa is in a terrible drought, 1000s of animals dropping dead from thirst.

I'm feeling a bit better, TY

Hi Ruth

Have a pleasant Sunday

we have lots more flooding here Gayle hopefully it won't do too much damage to the city centre  ,sweet little guy ,hope your feeling better Patrick its awful about the poor animals in Africa global warming is really biting awesome lion  Hi Ruth happy Monday all voted

I took a turn for the worse yesterday, after mounting a new tire on my old beater truck. Big tire, very heavy. I should have held off, but had been feeling better. Slept 8 hours in 3 hour increments and feel much better today. I got some liquid penicillin and a couple of IM syringes. Hopefully, that will help even more. Still have pain, but not as bad as last night. I need to avoid heavy lifting until I heal.

If I don't post tomorrow, it's because we have the long drive to move our pet cats. May be late getting back

We are leaving this Sunday for the re-survey closing on the boat. Be back very late next Thursday (Nov 17). I might not be able to post here,, so that's why.

Nice doe and fawn Mary. Sure wish kenya could have your rain. My ally in N. Kenya is watching animals die and tribal people suffering. They are losing their livestock and and food plantings. This supposed to be the rainy season, but it hasn't happened. I pray for rain and I am helping my ally (Milgis Trust) in a fund raiser, to dig deep wells for the indigenous people and wild animals. It's hard to look at her photos.

Have a nice Monday and TY

Snow leopard

I hope your rain doesn't do damage Mary. Cute doe and Bambi. Patrick, did you go to the doctor? I am glad to hear your feeling a little better today as you have a lot going on. I hope all goes well with the kitties and your boat. Love snow leopards. so sad about no rain in Kenya.  Have a nice Monday voted  We had some rain last night, more expected

White Wolf : Snow leopard cub plays with mom in snow (Video)

beautiful snow leopards Gayle and Patrick glad you have some rain Gayle So sad about Kenya Patrick we are always complaining about rain here I hope your feeling better as Gayle says you have a lot going on sad day for you parting with the kitties Hi Ruth happy Tuesday all voted

Beautiful snow leopards. Making it short today. Wasn't able to catch Ghost (a feral who has been living inside for a few months) but even worse, we failed to catch Karen's fave cat, Flash. She hand raised him from a kitten 4-5 years ago. He freaked out trying to put him in the cat carrier. So we took the other 4. They are totally traumitized. They have never seen other humans outside Karen and I.

Hopefully they will adjust and get adopted quick. Petted Gizmo, Buddy and Pepper.

I have to lay down, very hard and sad day

Sorry to hear all that Patrick sad for you. Hope all will be well with them soon. Glad you petted Gizmo and the dogs. Take care of you. Pretty picture Mary, all try to have a good Tuesday.  Voted.

Bears of the World | American Bear Association

TY Gayle. Kit Kit has slept up against me for 9 years. She growled at me yesterday when I went to pet her before we left there. Smokie had his face to the rear corner wall of the cage and wouldn't look at me. Broke my heart :(

Beauty sun bear. Hi Ruth and Mary

Have a nice camel day and TY 

Varigated Sea Urchin

such a sad hard day for you Patrick I hope the kitties find new homes soon nice that you got to see Gizmo and the dogs hi Gayle pretty pics guys voted

Great pix guys. sad for you Patrick, but hopefully kitties will find forever homes. Just popping i n to vote. Lots of rain here last night.

50 Adorable Baby Animal Pictures | Reader's Digest

gorgeous owls Gayle hi Patrick and Ruth hope your day is going well voted

Glad you are feeling better, Patrick. It's so hard to let the kitties go. Hope you found Ghost, and Flash. Thinking about all the kitties' transition, only knowing both of you, and won't be too traumatizing for them. I feel bad enough every time I go out, and my cat, Rohke, gives me the stare down. Glad you were with Gizmo, and the dogs. How are they doing? Thoughts and prayers for all the wildlife in North Africa' drought. Hope it rains soon so more water in waterholes. Majestic lion. Lovin the snow leopard. Cool sea urchin.

Hope not too much flooding there now, Mary. Precious deer with her baby fawn. Beautiful snow leopard in snow. Cute baby bear peekin in. Mama tiger trying to keep the younguns together. Roars.

Glad getting rain there, Mandi. Some here, and colder in mornings, and night. Loving the Fall weather. Lots of colorful leaves everywhere. Funny dancing snow leopard. Hi Mr. bear. Precious baby owls. Hooty hoo.

Have a good Thursday. Voted ^5.

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