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Posting early today, going back down to see our boating friends. They leave Marathon tomorrow. Might be a long time before we see them again.

Sunny today, will get to 72 F.

Have a good Friday and thanks!

Coconut octopus

Enjoy the meet up Patrick hi Gayle an Ruth happy Friday all voted

Sounds fun Patrick, enjoy. Sunshine here finally. Hope for you too Mary. Happy Friday

Voted  cute pix

African Elephant

Adorable baby eles. <3

Had a good time with friends yesterday. Help them do some provisioning and went to dinner. It will probably be a very long time before we see them again.

Glad you have sun Gayle. How about you Mary? Ruth?

Feels funny not doing the newsletter today,, Oh well, end of an era

Have a great Sat and TY

Great that you have sun Gayle still wet and gloomy here Patrick delighted you had a lovely time great pics guys Hi Ruth  Happy Saturday all voted

Sounds cold too Mary, Patrick happy you had a good time and helped too. We have sun again today,  Cali is going wild waiting for the super bowl tomorrow. 49'rs and the Chiefs. Enjoy Saturday Cute pix hi Ruth  Voted

10 facts about manatees

Glad you helped your friends, had a great time, and going to dinner with them, Patrick. Hi Mr. Walrus.

Hope weather gets better there, Mary. Nice today here. Precious leopard cub. Love the blue eyes.

Good you have sun, Mandi. Have a great time watching the Superbowl tomorrow. Any of your favorite teams playing? Mama, and baby walrus swimming together.

Have a good Saturday. Voted.

Cool pic Ruth, yes, the 49'rs are the favorite team around these parts. But the other team is really good too, It's going to be interesting. People have been flocking into Los Vegas to see this. Taylor Swift might even get there. I don't remember right now, which team  but she is dating one of the players  Take care on this Sat.Eve.

I pasted bear cub in forest with Gimp, a photo editor I have. Glad you like, Mandi.

Since both teams are really good, should be a great game to watch.

Superbowls always brings in a lot of people. Cool Taylor Swift dating one of the players.

Good Saturday Night vibes.

I hope your team wins Gayle sounds very exciting  sweet pic Ruth  good you have nice weather sweet little bear hi Patrick happy Sunday all voted

Great photos ladies,, nice work Ruth. I have used Gimp, cool prog.

I really have no faves in the Superbowl. I like that Swift makes some folks mad :D I have no idea why it offends some people, but I like her. LOL

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for voting

Black rays - Bahamas

Great pix guys. All have a  nice Sunday, getting ready to watch the big football game soon. Sun here. Tks Mary we shall see who wins. Good job Ruth. Patrick I like her too. Voted

Nicole 🌱 on X: "Giant oceanic manta ray 🌊✨ <a href=https://t.co/5Al9sUKdyK"; / X"/>

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