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sweet little jungle cats Gayle a little cooler for you today still no rain dry here today too ,Hi Patrick finally retired nice to know your customers appreciate you beautiful tigers  I worked since 15 too Gayle I retired but I went back part time still at it lol hi Ruth happy Saturday all voted 

Adorable pix Mary and Patrick. Still working part time Mary. Patrick you will love retirement once you get used to it:-)  Nice that your customers let you know how much they appreciate  you. They will miss you I'm sure. All enjoy Saturday. hi Ruth

Top 10 Cutest Baby Animals In The World - The Mysterious World


Hi all.

Enjoying all of your wonderful pics as always.

Great retired now, Patrick. Your customers will always appreciate you through all those years you were there.

Low 90s with breeze now a days. Glad temps down for you too Mandi, and Patrick.

Rain still there, Mary?

Saturday good vibes. Voted.

p.s. I posted a petition for saving big cats, and click to feed big cats on my page. Thanks.

clicked for big cat rescue Ruth petition was U S  only beautiful panther great that your temps are down a bit dry and quite hot here today  Sweet little Red Panda Gayle hope theres a breeze for you hi Patrick Happy Sunday all voted

Awesome photos ladies, the black leopard looks formidable Ruth.

Tomorrow will be weird, it's usually my hell day, lol. Not anymore.

Nice today, need to take the ATV for5 ride and keep the battery charged

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY

Fire-tailed sunbird

Beautiful pix. Hot there Mary. Enjoy your day with the ATV Patrick. No work tomorrow LOL.. All have a nice Sunday hi Ruth.Voted

Frigate bird

The amazing frigate bird | The Times

Not going Monday is weird in a good way, Patrick. Hope you had a great ride on ATV. Pretty Sunbird.

Thanks for clicking for big cats, and trying to sign petition, Mary. Precious pups.

Hope your weather cooler still, Mandi. Cool Frigate bird soaring.

Have a good Monday. Voted^5.

Good afternoon ladies. Cool Frigate and lions.

Karen and I went into the National Forest a few miles yesterday. It was hot and loud, lol. ATVs are noisy machines.

I have still been busy today, lending a hand in the transition. Lots of emails. I guess I don't mind, my resignation was rather sudden.

Hi Ruth, how are you?

Have a nice Monday and TY for voting

A mother whale breast feeding her calf

Love the pix Ruth and Patrick. Glad you and Karen took a ride on the ATV. Albeit hot and loud.I bet you do have many emails to answer Patrick. It will be nice when you are really done working LOL.  We are warm with a nice breeze today.  Voted  Hi Mary, Happy Monday all.

One of my favs

30 Cool & Weird Ocean Animals Around the World - Green Global Travel

beautiful pics Patrick love the whale and sunbird when the emails are done you'll really be free nice to have Monday for yourself  my computer got very hot yesterday and turned off strange it seems ok now   .Elegant frigate bird Gayle and pretty dolphin one of my faves too .Beautiful lions Ruth how's your weather?happy Tuesday all voted

Glad you, and Karen went out on ATV yesterday, except for the hot, and loud, Patrick. Just think, once done with transition with your clients, your new life really begins. Doing good here. Rain clouds, so hope we get doused today. Cool seeing the milk in the water from baby whale feeding on Mama.

Nice breeze going through there, Mandi. Precious beluga whale.

Hi Mary. Very interesting animal with bushy tail.

Good afternoon ladies. I'm helping my replacement transition, not because I care that much for him,, or my "ex" company, but because I care deeply about my "ex" customers and want to see them have an easy change. My replacement just inherited well over a million dollars of business, with zero work to get it. It's now his accounts to keep, or to lose.

Beautiful animals ladies. <3

Have a great Tues and TY

Rainbow Lorikeet

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