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Beautiful pix Patrick and Mary. Hope you have internet OK now Patrick. We are still storming here like you Mary. Hi Ruth all have a nice Wed. Voted 

How Animals Survive in Winter

Beautiful mountain ram and red fox. Yes, we now have fast internet (until our 50 GB is used up, lol). I'm getting here late because of working on the boat. We have a couple of systems down after that wild ride in the Gulf of Mexico. We need everything tip top for our next leg.

Sorry about your storms, hopefully weather improves

Hi Ruth

Have a nice camel day and TY

cool eagle Patrick hi Gayle  still stormy here  how about you?hi Ruth voted

Neat Eagle Patrick. Cute panda Mary. Your still stormy we have a little break todayThursday but very windy, worried about power loss. Start storm again tonight for at least the next week. :-(  Voted hi Ruth

Bird Species Classification with Machine Learning | by Benedict Neo | Towards Data Science

Cute red panda, cool toucan. Side note, a red panda is not actually in the panda family, nor is it related to raccoons. It's a species all of it's own

I have been posting about our travels on my FB page, so I'll not repeat here. Check ut my page there to see what's happening, lol.

Storms here tonight, but we are secured to a dock and quite safe

Hi Ruth

Have a great Thursday and TY for the votes

Eagle Owl

we have more storms here too Gayle where are they all coming from? hope your power stays on  Storms for you too Patrick good that you are secure beautiful toucan and eagle owl hi Ruth happy Friday all stay safe voted

We had big winds and t'storms last night. Boat was secure (rocked a lot, lol). Today is very windy and cold. Down to almost freezing tonight. I was able to get the central air/heat working today (it was jammed up with seaweed and lost it's raw water prime). So, we will be toasty warm tonight. Fixed the aft head yesterday (it has it's own waste treatment system, and it's a bit complicated).
This is a rare moment in time, for a boat,, where everything is working. :D

Cute muddy fox,,, lol

Hi Gayle and Ruth 

Have a nice Friday night and TY for voting

Good Friday night guys. Glad you were secure Patrick. Yep, storms Mary and us. Have to admit I'm tired of the rain at the moment LOL.. Voted

Haunting Secrets About the Friday the 13th Franchise - E! Online

beautiful lion Patrick glad your warm and everything is working well hi Gayle wet and windy here too yep you can get too much rain I know  hi Ruth happy Saturday all voted

Bummer about yalls weather. Cute gosling.. We have a couple sunny days, then overcast on Tuesday, then more storms after,, for who knows how long.

We drove to Port St Joe Florida today, to look at a marina. It was a side tie on an exposed dock, rather than a sheltered slip. He wanted way too much money for that. We had planned to head there tomorrow, because of the next 2 sunny days and nice seas, but then we would face crummy weather there, instead of the more protected area we are already at.
As badly as I want to move on, my better judgement says to stay put for a proper weather window until the upcoming storms (later this week) passes by. I think we'll just head for Port St Joe, when the timing is good, skip marinas and go straight for the Intracoastal Waterway. I hear that inland stretch is gorgeous, but we want to traverse it in good weather and not fight T'storms.

Have a nice Sat and TY for the votes, hi Ruth.

Great pix guys. Good idea about your plans to stay safe from storms Patrick. Mary you too with the wet weather. We are still raining here. Getting tired of it. :-)  Hi Ruth voted enjoy the rest of Saturday.

Swan | bird | Britannica

Cool swan and kids, lol

We decided, since it was sunny today and we weren't pulling out, we'd do some fishing. We watched pelicans catching fish, and a couple dolphins feeding on fish, we didn't even get a nibble lol.

Hi Mary and Ruth.

Have a pleasant Sunday and here's our video of not catching fish (yes, those feet are mine, still in my house slippers). It's Sunday, lol

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