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Thanks. Lora, and her friend have a lot of fun learning basketball, and being active together. They make a great team.

The pups are nappin hard.

I hope the rain there went away, at least for a while, Mary. The dog has a very comfy pony bed, lol.

Nice visit from your neighbors friend from Ireland, Mandi. Ruby had a play date, woof woof. What's up with her and Buster lately? Those bat eared fox cubs are so precious.

Blue skies, and chilly here too, Patrick. Spring can't come any faster. You can get warm inside after your chores tomorrow with the pups, and Karen. Thinking of the big kits. How are they doing? The Brushtail possum is chillaxin in a tree.

Have a good Wednesday night, all. Voted.




Sports are great for kids. Increases their coordination, builds strength and builds character. That lion dad is looking rather perturbed, lol.

Yep, going into teens tonight, well below freezing. Heading out now to feed the critters and drain the hoses. We'll bring in Buddy and Pepper once it's dark and the temps start falling.

The tigers handle cold pretty good. Some live in Siberia, so... lol

Hi Gayle and Mary, hope everyone is doing well today.

Have a great Thursday and TY for the daily votes. We are doing pretty good lately.

A Ili pika

Ruth, Ruby and Buster are best friends. Buster talks to her on and off all day and night. He is so funny. Ruby just ignores his commands LOL. Weather here like yours.Cute lion with Dad. Patrick, your weather sounds sooo cold. Glad the pups will come in tonight and the big cats handle it well. Glad you and Karen are OK too.  That Pika is adorable. Hi Mary. Voted all enjoy Thursday.

Rosesett spoonbill

Image result for wild spoonbill gifs

hi Gayle lovely for Ruby to have a playdate  shes such a sweet girl  any rain? sweet lion  and patient dad well maybe not too patient Ruth  nice to have the pups inside from the cold Patrick the tigers are tough roar happy thursday all voted

isn't it lovely Buster and Ruby getting on so well Gayle Buster gives commands Ruby ignores them i bet its hilarious  we have another storm tomorrow arghhh very wet and windy here  hi Ruth and Patrick happy friday all votedBrown bears hug

TGIF ladies. Great pics. I use to watch the spoonbills when I lived in Florida. What kind of a bird is that Gayle? Our dogs use to listen to Fred talk when she was alive. She would whistle for them and talk, they would+!@#$their heads. lol

Loving bears... Hi Ruth.

Just got home, and have to unload 400 lbs of meat, then chores.

Have a great day and TY for the votes.


Patrick and Mary, The only thing Ruby will listen to from Buster is, "your Dad's home" then she perks right up and runs to the door. All animals are so smart. So sorry about another storm Mary ugh. Very cute little birdie.  I  bet you are tired out Patrick, but the cats are happy now. I bet the dogs did shake their heads with Fred whistling to them. Adorable kinkajou  I have a plaque near Busters cage that says. "Watch what  you say to an African Gray." :-)  He's my boy. Voted Hi Ruth. Happy Friday.

Image result for baby wildlife pic

What a cute baby rhino Gayle. Wouldn't you love to hug that little guy? (if his mom wasn't close, lol). Fred macaw had over a 100 words, phrases and sounds she made, and not a single cuss word. I sure miss her.

I hope your weather is doing better Mary... Hi Ruth.

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday and TY for voting.

pink manta ray

what a magnificent manta ray Patrick it sounds like you have a busy day i hope its done now  sweet little kinkajou  Fred was really clever no wonder you miss her Gayle Buster watches out for Tom  what a good friend to Ruby  hi Ruth how are you happy saturday all voted

What a little cutey Mary. I think he wants some hugs <3

Rainy today, but not too cold. Hitting the road Tues., so getting preparations made.

Hi Gayle and Ruth.

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday.

I saw this pic on FB, so y'all might have already seen it as well. I thought is was awesome though, so grabbed it, lol

Awesome manta ray Patrick. And yes, those babies with mama are adorable. I reaize how you miss Fred, I don't know what I would do without my talking buddy. So you have all of our rain along with Mary LOL.  Love the Koala Mary so cute. So sad about those fires in Australia. :-( Patrick, sorry to say Buster does have 1 cuss word tks to Tom LOL.  But he says everything. I never logged all the sentences or words. But have him on tape. Voted, all enjoy your Sunday.  Hi Ruth.

Image result for baby wildlife pic

what a cute little guy Gayle platypus?i hope you get some rain soon  we have a lot to spare i bet Buster is really cute when he says his cuss word Patrick what a cute family  momma has her hands full hi Ruth   happy sunday all voted 

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