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Thanks, Mary. Cute little guys peekin in. It is hard to keep the younger ones entertained. I will help by looking up some ideas for your grands to keep busy, especially inside.

Hi, Patrick, and Mandi.

Tuesday hugs. Voted.

Voted   back later. 

Image result for happy st patricks day images

Good afternoon ladies. Awesome photos! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I just got back from our little county seat, getting supplies. The grocery store is still packed with people emptying the shelves. I have no idea why. A truck comes every Tues., Thurs. and Sat. People are creating these shortages, but shelves will all be restocked, no problem. Just a lot of people packing in and making a crowded situation.

Oh well, at least they are prepared. Especially toilet paper. lol

Heading out to do chores, everything is a muddy mess. lol

Have a great day and TY for the votes!

Squirrel monkey

hi Gayle it was a strange Patricks day here no parades no street parties  just  very quiet and eerie  my son who was teaching till last thursday says he won't visit for a while in case he picked up something from symtomless kids  i think we will all be very lonely for the next while  i know its the only way  hi Patrick the crowds are a bit scarey my sister works in a supermarket i'm nervous for her  very wet and muddy here too .Thanks Ruth i don't know if the grands will come on the weekend but i'l pass any ideas on its Toms birthday on saturday  his party is cancelled  all take care of yourselves  votedFoto

I work in food processing and one of my roles is to advise on food safety and microbial control. Although my extensive experience is based on bacterial microbes and not typically viral issues, I do have some passing background on these microbes.

I would not tell people to panic, but I would also strongly suggest that people take this CoronaVirus serious. Lessen any exposure as much as possible. The fewer people you come into contact with, the lower the percentages of contracting this virus.

Awesome mom and cub Mary. Hi Gayle and Ruth.

Have a great Camel Day!

Cute monkey Patrick and the ass's too LOL.. Didn't know you were schooled in microbes. You get more interesting each day.. Very sad about everything canceled in Ireland as well Mary. Here as well. Smart son not to visit right now, I worry for your sister being at the register too.Sad to think birthdays and schools are cancelled. Our little family is just emailing no contact as well. No neighbor visits for Ruby either. :-(   Yes,lonely .Love the lions. and Ruth your kitty too.  Watched the prez talk this morning. Hmmmm.  More people here in our valley contracted the virus.  All stay safe and careful out there.  Happy hump day. Voted.   

They can hug. :-)

Image result for comfort animal hug

And they can kiss  :-)

Image result for adorable giraffe pic

Dropped in and voted. Hope all are well and safe. We are OK so far. Just cannot get food from grocery stores. I hear we can get deliveries from restaurants, sounds expensive and haven't checked it out . Happy Thursday all.

Image result for baby wildlife pic

Good afternoon ladies. I didn't go to college for microbial studies, but being a food safety and sanitation adviser, for 40 years, I have worked closely with microbiologists and QA. I have leaned a lot about microbiology through work experience.

Cute photos Gayle. Love the little fox.

I can say confidently, all the food processing companies are in full operation, but the panic buying is gutting the stores and the hang up is at the distribution centers who are also being gutted, filling store orders to make up for panic buying. It's the panic buying that's causing shortages, the processors are running as usual.

We have T-storms moving in tonight with a tornado watch. My entire property is saturated. Quite a mess..

Hi Mary and Ruth, hope all is going well.

Have a nice Thursday and stay calm. TY for the votes

Golden Jackal

theres a lot of panic buying here too Gayle its awful people taking stuff they really dont need theres talk of only allowing 2 of any item  that might help i hope you get some  food Gayle do any stores deliver?  cute little fox  Patrick  be careful in the storms  i had no internet all day i think with so many working from home theres too much demand on it  sweet jackel hi Ruth hope all is well with you  stay safe all voted

just popping in to vote any luck getting groceries Gayle? stay safe all happy friday a Big hug between mama and baby elephant. Sweet1

Great pics Mary, is that a road runner?

Still having storms, there were a few tornadoes in our area last night, but we were spared. lol

Hi Gayle, Ruth!

Have a great Friday and TY for votes

Ivory Billed Aracari

Love the pix Mary and Patrick. Yes, Mary, we were able to get groceries. I know the clerks and Mgr well at our store. So called first. Was able to get some hamburg, fresh asparagus, pork chops and a few frozen veggies. The panic buying is still going on. Our store mgr had me call him this morning about TP, he only got 8 of the 100 he ordered and those are gone. So glad you were spared the tornadoes Patrick. You and Mary having bad weather. We had a couple earthquakes near by, but not my house. :-)  We are in a mandatory "shelter in place" here. It is dead on the streets. Our county is the highest count of virus cases in the 6 counties. :-(    Voted -All stay safe and calm.  TGIF   Hi Ruth

Image result for baby wildlife pic

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