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there are a lot of people out of wrk here but i think they are getting some money from the government 2 of my sons are teachers one is a school principal and they are working from home my other son is a policeman hes working away in the thick of it   if the idiots would stay in it would end faster at least i hope so  the internet is bad here as well  beautiful serval and sloths stay safe Gayle and Patrick how are you Ruth?votedMeerkat Family (detail) photography by Fajar Andriyanto

Mary, worrying about your policeman son. Idiots are right, if people would just stay in!! Good your teacher sons can work at home. My Grandson is also home, he's an IT Principal Systems Engineer.  And his wife is a teacher so the greats are well taken care of at home. Cute meercats . We got some nice rain last night. Now trying to figure out how to get groceries without going into the store. LOL.  Hi Patrick and Ruth. Hope all is well stay safe on this Wednesday.  Voted.

Bat eared fox pups

Image result for baby animals

Happy camel day ladies,

Just got in with a load of turkey drumsticks. Freezer is full. Stopped at the supermarket on the way home. Looked gutted. We're going back Sat., early, when they first open. No eggs, we eat a lot of eggs lol

Cute meerkats and foxes.
Back to work, still have to feed and water the gang.

Have a great day and TY for the votes.

Southern Tree Agama

great the your ggrands have their parents home with them and that they are safe working from home Gayle gla you got some rain is there any way the store would deliver?  beautiful foxes 

Patrick the cats are set up for food now to get some for yourselves i'm trying to avoid the shops too they are not as crazy here as last week i'm told not much use though if they don't have supplies  lovely agama such colours 

dry here today did a bit of painting  hi Ruth  all have a safe thursday votedBeaver #beaver #animal

Good afternoon ladies. Blue sky and 80 F. here. Karen and I are going to take a ride on the ATV :)

Cool beaver Mary. Glad the rain has cleared.

Hi Gayle and Ruth

Have a great day .. Thanks for voting

Stores are delivering for a small fee Mary, but we got very lucky yesterday at a Safeway. We were hunting for Ruby's food at a pet store but they were closed. Chewy is way behind on their shipments. Darling Beaver. Grandson sent vids of the greats playing in the house. They strung ribbons of crepe paper around for them to knock down. LOL.   Beautiful Agama Patrick, enjoy a nice day out . Can't believe your weather. That is a great hawk pic.  Dry here but cold today. More rain coming  over the weekend.  Hi Ruth. Voted ~~ All stay safe and well. 

Common hill Myna

Southern Hill Myna, | Birds, Colorful birds, Pretty birds

Gayle i'm so glad you are getting deliveries ,great to be out of the shops   great to be getting videos of the ggrands its lovely to see them   a little rain good its dry here today pretty myna  .Patrick great to get outside on your a t v might take your mind off the lockdown for a while  eagle?is stealing the honey bees are not pleased hi Ruth how are you ?votedПрирода. #smallbirds (1) Maravilhas da natureza 3 Vídeo do Instagram - Фото

That is a beautiful birdie Mary. Glad to hear you have a dry day for a change. Will you be able to go out for a little walk? We are still waiting from Chewy for Ruby's food delivery I was happy to find a close kibble for her at Petsmart yesterday. She seems to be OK. Hi Patrick and Ruth. All stay safe and well. Voted

Tiny warthog :-)

Tiny #warthog cooling off in a mud puddle #mud #tiny #cutestever ...

Good afternoon ladies. Late getting here, internet has been down all day.

Great photos. That baby warthog is precious. Beautiful birds.

I'm still waiting on a Chewy order from 2 weeks ago. They are running out of stuff. Pet owners panic buying I guess. Supposed to get here Monday.

Hi Ruth, hope you are okay

Have a great Friday and TY for the votes!

The cats are happy with their turkey legs, Patrick. Both of you having fun on the ATV. Color me jealous.I bought some kleenex yesterday, to use for each bathroom since I can't get t.p. ever anymore. Beautiful color blue of the Southern Tree Agama. The bees are saying, "Give us back our honeycomb, hawk. Buzzzz!" Hi precious lion cub.

I'm glad your Grandson, and his wife can work from home, and your Great grands are being creative, and staying safe with them inside, Mandi. The grocery deliveries beat going out, since what you want, won't be at the store anyways. Glad you found Ruby's food. Enough with the panic buying, selfish people. Dry here also, cold mornings. We need rain for sure. Precious bat eared foxes. I wonder what the myna bird is saying, hmmmm, lol. Very small warthog, cute.

Glad 2 of your sons can work from home, and get assistance from the Government, Mary. Your policeman son, and my daughter are in the front lines. She is working tons of hours at the hospital here, and they are running out of supplies. I hope more come in soon. Cases piling up. He has to deal with all of the jerks hangin out when they should be inside. Blessings for both to stay well, and safe during this horrible time. Great you are painting, Keep you busy inside. Hope draws, and makes art from things around. Cyoooot meerkat Moma, Dada, and baby. The beaver says, "Don't bother me. I'm building my dam". Pretty bird.

All have a wonderful Thursday. Voted ^5.


what a clever girl Hope is Ruth  the kids are getting creative   keeping Genevieve in my prayers   in this scarey time 

Gayle i'm glad you got some food for Ruby  those greedy panic buyers are making things very difficult for everyone  i got a walk with the dogs today i go out really early that way i meet no one my brother was supposed to be getting married today its  postponed  he'l get there lol  cute little warthog  Hi Patrick i hope you get the chewey order soon  you too Gayle sweet lion  all stay safe happy saturday votedThe Little Ones Never Sit Still Long Enough

Tks Mary, Chewy has delayed all their shipments. Darling lions. Sorry about your brother's wedding, glad you got out early for a little walk w/the dogs. my grandson and wife were to go to Hawaii for their anniversary also canceled.  Ruth the girls are creative , so are  my grts. :-) Also keeping Genevieve in my prayers. Our neighbors came by for a visit, outside on our bench safe distance away, no petting Ruby :-)  So getting in a little socialization safely. They also offered eggs if we need them.. Hope our chewy orders show up soon Patrick. Rain here today. All stay safe. Enjoy Saturday all Voted

Canada Lynx

Canada Lynx | Defenders of Wildlife

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