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Hi Ladies. Cute photos. That little owl looks angry lol

I doubt if Chinese will adhere to the wildlife ban. I see news where the wet markets are still going. Is there anything those people won't eat?

Last time I saw Prine was in the late 80's. He opened for Arlo Guthrie. Truthfully, I like Prine better than Arlo. lol

I'm still on for my Iowa trip next week (12 hours drive, each way). It's the only plant I will be servicing. I'm essential for their pre-clean and start-up.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday,, and stay safe

Welcome, Mary. Glad your son got out with the kids. Open spaces are the best right now. Riding bike is always fun for them. Going out early is the best. Good to stay busy at this time. Continued prayers for your frontline policeman' Son. Very precious fox kits. Donkey wants his belly rubbed. I think the owl is staring us down, lol. Hooty hoo.

Good for your grandson getting out with the boys to the dam, and hanging out by the water, Mandi. No real cabin fever yet, but give it time. I've been signing, and posting the ban wildlife markets' petitions out there. Not holding my breath too. Looks like Rohke riding on the goat. How did he get there? Magestic buffalo.

Kudos for you taking the initiative making the store cashier put on gloves, Patrick. The store manager should of followed the safety rules. Then him, and his family wouldn't be infected. How thoughtless, especially for their daughter. The cashierist, and the other employees at big chain store here, weren't wearing gloves either. If this keeps up, we're all doomed. I'm sure the plant appreciates you coming there to continue your services. Sad about Joe Diffee. Pretty feathers' bird.The chicklet is waiting for their baby brothers or sisters.

All stay safe.

Always appreciate your prayers for Genevieve being on the medical frontline.

Good Tuesday vibes. Voted^5

Patrick sad to say i think you are right about the chinese  your trip sounds tough 12 hours each way be careful i know you are little birdie wants mama or dad  ,hi Ruth  hope all is going well no cabin fever yet keeping Genevieve in my prayers  pretty lions  Gayle how are you all stay safe voted

no Gayle i saw John Prine  we really need people to stay in  that seems to be the only help for it did you get your food for Ruby?stay safe Gayle 

Mary, didn't get Ruby's food yet, they say running on smaller crew and trying to stay safe. Agree, stay in, only way to help this virus. We did have to grocery shop yesterday, wore gloves and  mask. All in there same! Plastic shields up for the check out clerk safety. Mary continued prayers for your son and Ruth, Genevieve too. Love the pix. Patrick take care out there, long drive. And agree, is there nothing "those" people won't eat. Love that baby bird waiting to be fed.. XO  Voted.  All have a good Wed. and Happy April.  Happy April Fools Day Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook ...

Happy April Fools Day Decoration Design Stock Illustration ...

I was thinking of posting something outlandish for an April fool's joke. But, eh.. not in the fooling spirit. Went to town to deposit paycheck, grabbed a few things at the supermarket. Made the cashier put on gloves, lol. She had some so I didn't have to give her a pair. She did have a surgical mask on  (but no gloves). I told her that the masks were to protect other people, gloves are to protect herself (which ends up helping others).

LOL.. the people behind me said to her, as we were leaving,, "leave those gloves on, while handling our items". :)

Pretty lions and wolves. <3

Have a great camel day and TY for the votes

Northern rock hopper penguin

Good afternoon ladies. Keeping busy here, spring cleaning on the facility

I hope everyone is staying put and staying safe.

Rough start on the new month of voting, LOL.. Everyone is home and probably voting for our competitors.

young Kinkajou

Glad you got some shopping done Gayle  love the giraffes  your shop is being more responsible  Patrick you are a great advocate for safety pretty penquin thanks for thinking of Jonathan and Genevieve  hi Ruth stay safe all its scarey out there voted

Thank you for your continuing prayers for Genevieve, and Mary's Son to be safe in this dangerous world.

You are a great advocate getting people to really understand how important it is to wear gloves, and masks, Patrick. I love the people behind you telling the cashierist to keep her gloves on for handling their stuff. A grocery store here put up big square protected plastic shields to separate from customer, and cashierist. All's good there, but not wearing gloves like where you were. Wish I had gloves to give them, but there's not enough here to go around to us citizens, ugh! Be safe at the plant on on your way back. The penguin looks mad. Lovely doo, lol. Very precious young Kinkajou.

It's great to hear the company that makes the dog food, Ruby eats, are taking precautions, like they should, with smaller crew, Mandi. Why can't more of them do this? It could save us all. Do you still have food you got earlier for her? Yep, staying in is the best we can do to keep us, and other's safe. But if you have to go out obey the safe distance rule, as I know you are with your neighbors' visits. Love your April 1st funny giraffe, and cyoooot doggie wearing smileys.

Chinese are so pitiful! They don't care about animals or people, and have no remorse for what they have unleashed on all of us. I'm so angry at them, thinking about my Daughter, Grand girls (to be able to live a full life), Son, husband, Mom, brothers, nephews, nieces, all of you, my friends, your families, including your precious animals, hoping to make it through this horrible dark entity surrounding us. Mama, and cub wolves are howling in sync. Deer Mama, and baby showing off their butts, like cats do, as Rohke, lol.

Safe vibes, and good Thursday. Voted.

Stephen King posted this pic on Twitter. Pennywise says, "Try to get the t.p."

Cute rock hopper and kinkajou Patrick. Clerks had gloves on at our store. All of us in masks and gloves. safe distancing is a new normal now. You might be safer than us being up on the hill Patrick. ?  Continued prayers for your son Mary, and Genevieve as well Ruth. They are heroes on the front lines. Chewy got back to me and said they shipped Ruby's order today:-) I do have a little food left so this should work out perfectly. That is a cute "butt" pic Mary :-) That is a funny one Ruth. Is the balloon attached to something that goes off?  All have a safe Thursday, be well.  Voted.

Red Ibis

Free picture: ibis, animal, red, beak, bird, feather, nature

beautiful ibis Gayle i'm glad Rubys food is on the way yep walking around in masks and gloves and avoiding all contact is the new normal  got a video call from my grands today they read me a story  thanks for thinking of Jonathan and Genevieve   .Ruth you are so right animal advocates have been trying to close these markets for years apart from the virus its heartbreaking how the animals suffer funny pic and so topical hi Patrick hows the spring clean going? all stay safe voted

That is a beautiful bird Mary. Glad you got a video call from the grands. That's all we can do right now, but helps  your spirit :-) I'm missing my little family as well. Continued prayers for Jonathan and Genevieve. Patrick how are things doing there with the  cleaning.?  Today is our last day of sunshine, rain expected tomorrow. Voted. TGIF all.

Stay safe and well in our "new normal".

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 photos are stunning ...

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