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What great pictures from all of you. Some animals due hide illness and the one I knwo for sure are birds. Glad you got Karen stocked up Patrick and Obi eating all her food now. Take care on the road trip.Glad your power is up Mary and Ruth good weather like us as well. Beautiful day here today. All enjoy a nice Tuesday.. Voted

what a beauty Patrick its very hard to cook for one i know this i often do it i'm always glad when theres more people sharing its what i'm used to  ,have a good trip hi Gayle how are things with you ?Ruth  hope your weather is still good happy tuesday all voted

Good evening ladies. Just got checked in and going out to see if I can find a low/no carb supper, lol.

We had 2 black leopards for years Gayle, rather feisty cats but beautiful. That fawn looks like it's flying Mary.

Fed the animals early because I had to leave out. Nonetheless, Obi was showing a great appetite. Gizmo is always ready for food, any time, any amount. He's a big bottomless pit, lol

I have no photo to post, but hope everyone is having an awesome Tues. TY for voting

Laughing about Gizmo Patrick, still happy about Obi. Didn't know you had the feisty leopards. They are beautiful as well. How'd  you do on finding the low carb? Hi Mary , cute fawn .. Hope weather is good Ruth and Mary; beautiful autumn here so far. Voted  Happy Wednesday !

Related image

Hi Patrick Gizmo loves his food some animals are never full  ,Gayle glad your having a lovely autumn day hi Ruth  how are you ?ever notice my font is really small don't know how to change it ,happy wednesday all voted

We took 2 black leopards in, in the early '90s. Of course the female was preggy (and severely malnourished). They couldn't afford to feed them, along with 2 tigers that we also took in.

So, while we were putting meat back on them, she had 3 kittens, of which 2 didn't make it. We placed the survivor at a place that specialized in leopard rescues. The 2 adults, lived years after, at our place, kept in separate enclosures (to prevent more cubs).

Nice pics ladies. That baby gorilla is soo cute. Look at that face! Mom is cool too.

I hope everyone is having a nice Wed.. TY for the votes.

Here's a Parson's Chameleon, from Madagascar. Looks prehistoric.

i must show this guy to Ollie my grandson he loves prehistoric creatures    ,you sure have a lot of cat experience Patrick all shapes and sizes ,hi Gayleand Ruth how are things with ye ?voted

Wonderful Low 70s Fall day here too, Mandi. I'm enjoying very much, as you are. The black leopard is a beautiful and feisty cat. He's keeping an eye on things from above. Love the flowing lion pic. There I go getting mesmerized again, he he.

Glad Obi is eating really great, and much better now. Gizmo sure loves food, anytime. Roars. I'm so glad you saved the black leopard adults, and one cub back then, Patrick. Sad the other 2 didn't make it. You take care of different kinds of animals, but I still think of you as Big Cat Man. The buffalo in mist looks awesome. I loved seeing them in my kid years while on family vaca. The chameleon does look prehistoric. Maybe they were bigger in those times, lol.

Losing your post doesn't happen here often, Mary. You can copy what you typed, before clicking Add Reply to post. If you don't see it after, paste what you copied in new discussion reply. It saves you in the long run. To change font size, click upper left button to view sizes. I use 12pt. The fawn does look like it's flying. My grand girls will love the gorgeous painted pony. Did you get rain yet?

I have some very sad news. Genevieve and family lost Simba cat. He was hit by a car a couple of days ago. Her husband found him on the street, while driving to work. I can't stop wondering if he felt pain before he passed on. This is torture. He was only 3 years old. Their other cat, Scooter, kept on going in and out of house looking for him:( The cute fur ball is missed soooo much. Fun and fond memories will always remain with us.

Good night. Voted.

I love you, precious Simba

You were a cute/sweet kitten, and cat

We will always remember you =^..^=

The baby gorilla is adorable, the camelion does look prehistoric. Love the horse Mary.Ruth, so sorry to hear about Simba at such a young age.Darling baby.  We all here don't let cats outside because of that. So very very sorry. :(  Weather is fabulous here. Just did the grocery shopping, ugh~but at least done for another week. All enjoy your Thursday. Voted

Harpy Eagle.

Great photos ladies. Sad about the cat Ruth. :( I had a chill day today. Did the chores and nothing else. Exhausted from my road trip. I hope everyone is having a nice evening. I'm just watching TV.

I posted an article on the FB page for NWHS and grabbed the photo. It's cute.. TY for the votes

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