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No new norm here in Oregon where we live, big time, so I want to live in California, or Ireland now. Oregon isn't forcing anyone to wear mask or gloves, which we couldn't anyways, due to not being able to get any as citizens. People are talking to each other about 3 feet, not 6 feet apart. Nothing is really being enforced here, except some of the stores' employees wearing mask and/or gloves. I wrote an email to Governor Brown, of our state, to see when they are going to give supplies to the people, so we can fully do our part. I'm very angry about this serious situation. Venting Big Time!

Nice to have rain, Mandi. Chewy food coming, yeah for Ruby. How is Buster doing? California really cares about their people. Does Oregon. I think not. The balloon, and t.p. pic on sewer grate refers to the t.p. shortage. Pennywise, an evil clown alien, lives in there, and he is trying to lure someone, knowing how much they need it. From the move IT, by Stephen King. Pretty Red Ibis, and Precious loving Moma, and baby bear.

Glad you saw, and talked with your grands, and they read you a story, Mary. Still able to build memories together. Ireland is doing what they have to do to keep their people safe from the coronavirus. Beautiful blue, and purple-feathered bird. Love the headdress, lol.

Are you done with the plant's spring cleaning, Patrick? If so, have a safe trip back.


The spring cleaning isn't going, yet. lol. Rain for the next few days. Had some violent T storms last night. Now cleanup is even bigger, lol

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday

TY for voting

Oh no. The T-Storms are brutal. Hope you start soon, so you can finish, and go home. Ellie, and Ostrich' friends 4ever.

Good afternoon friends. Looking like no one "let the cat out of the bag" Ruth. He likes it there :) Hi Mary and Gayle. Hope you're doing fine as well.

I didn't get sleep last night, worrying about the trip to Iowa next week. I think I'm going to tell them I can't make it. I can't risk getting it, and I can't risk bringing it back home to my wife. The next few weeks is going to be critical with CoVID. Cresting the peak, so they say.

Have a great day ladies, TY for the votes.

This leopard thinks he's a meerkat lol

i'm glad you are not doing Patrick  its not worth the risk pretty ellie and ostrich cool leopard  Ruth i am worried that its not being taken seriously  in oregon   i hope the guvernor gets the message  soon pretty kitty hi Gayle how are you?stay safe dear friends votedBurung Prenjak - Common Tailorbird - Orthotomus Sutorius, @ Sijanto Nature sweet bird family they mate for life .

Patrick, your description of the leopard made me laugh. TY for that. I agree that you should cancel your trip. Not worth it with this virus ramping up. Patrick I also loved the ele baby  and ostrich. So cute ! Doing OK here Mary hope you are as well. Oregon does not have the cases there that other states and countries are having, that may be why their gov. is sitting on his butt, but still not a good excuse. I hope you hear something soon Ruth, loved your sign. Thinking of all of you to stay safe and well.  Voted on the gloomy Saturday .Beautiful Mermaid Paint with Diamonds Art Kit – I Love DIY Art

I would be so worried about you going to Iowa next week, Patrick. Great decision not to go. Especially since you have diabetes, and take a chance of Karen getting the virus also. The numbers are growing too fast. Ditto on the cat likes it there too. Mraw, Love, meows, barks, and roars from Rohke, and me, for all of the animals there. The leopard does think he's a meerkat, lol.

Me too, Mary. ALL OF THE STATES, AND COUNTRIES need to buckle down the hatches, not just some of them. GRRRR! Aww, Mama bird is feeding her chickies. So weird how baby birds look bigger than their parents. I think it's all of the fluffy feathers they have.

It isn't an excuse for the Oregon' Governor, Mandi. To me any number 1+ people is too many infected or killed by the coronavirus! To prevent more spread of the the virus, she should put all of the orders in place for the state, to protect the citizens here, from this moment on, then we will possibly have less infected, or dead. Beautiful mermaid by water, and glittery sky.

I appreciate all of your prayers for

All of you stay safe. Voted^5

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