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sweet bears Gayle  I hope you get a bit of rain we have snow and ice arghhh Hi Patrick I hope you are not working too hard Hi Ruth voted

Snow and ice Mary, ugh is right. Pretty reindeer?  I love reindeer.  I too hope your not working too hard Patrick. That's going to be a big job for you. Enjoy Sunday all and stay safe. Voted Hi Ruth. 

Adopt A Reindeer - AWCC

Such a cute little sea lion,, and the bear cubs...  Nice reindeer, their job is over for now, Santa's made his rounds. ;)

Going to try to pull the pump tomorrow, today was still icy and a bit too cold. I know how you feel Mary. Gayle never sees the ice and snow :P

Hi Ruth...

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes

Food fight

still very cold here any more rain Gayle ?sweet reindeer ,Patrick big job ahead for you be careful of your back awesome eagles hi Ruth all stay safe voted

Late getting here,, been down at the spring all day. Pump is out, tested and bad. New pump is in order. Too pooped to type.

TY for voting

Common nighthawk

Shoveled mud out of the tank all day, lifting 40 lb buckets of wet mud over my head and dumping them out. Got most of it out. I'll refill the tank about a 1/4 full by unplugging the pipe from the sand filters, then plugging it back up.

Then I'll use my little gas powered pump to pump it back out while stirring the tank water lol. That should get the rest of it out. Pump is coming some time this week, and I'll drop it into a nice clean 1000 gal tank and be back in business. Weather won't be nice enough to do that until Mon/Tues next week. I'll pour bleach in the system and pump it through all the pipes to sanitize the system.

Then we'll be back into pure clean artesian spring water, once again. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, lol

I hope everyone is doing fine today. It was sunny and in the 50's F here.

Have a great Tues. and TY for the votes!

A happy giraffe :)

Patrick you sure had a hard day I hope the work is done for a while   sweet giraffe I had a rough day myself one of my sons colleaques in the Garda tested positive He will have to be tested I'm worried about him and I can't go and see him Hi Gayle and Ruth  all stay safe voted

That sounds like a terrible amount of hard work Patrick, but the nice clean spring water at the end of this project sounds wonderful. Cute giraffe. So sorry Mary about your sons colleague  , I will pray your son will test OK..That is a pretty worm.  Voted Hi Ruth all have a good Tuesday.

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument - Wikipedia

hi Gayle pretty turtle very cold here today Patrick your spring water sounds lovely we used to have great water in Cork on tap  but since all the floods and storms it really tastes of chlorine   hi Ruth all stay safe still waiting to hear about my sons test voted

Our water here is treated too Mary, cute foxes, hope you hear soon about your sons test and it's good. Hi Patrick, you have so much work to do. Take care and all be safe. Voted. Hi Ruth It's Wednesday.

10 Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners | Iceland Phot...

Greetings ladies,,, Awesome photos! The caterpillar has incredible colors..
Pump didn't come in today, won't be here until Tuesday :(
Prayers for your son's friend Garda Mary. Such a scary deal.

I'm exhausted, so keeping it short

Have a great camel day and TY for the votes

stack of frogs, lol

cute frogs and sweet lion you have a heavy workload Patrick snowing here today how's your weather Gayle ?hi Ruth  all stay safe  still waiting  voted

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