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Good afternoon ladies,, Cute donks Mary. We got snow too, in the south. Been a few years since we got dumped on.

Hi Gayle, how goes it out in Cali?

Hi Ruth, hope you're okay

TY for the votes

This is what it looked like early this morning,,, sorry about the screen in my office window. It’s still snowing non-stop. Makes the outside chores harder.

Is snow normal  there in Cork  Mary? Love donkeys so much. Hoping you hear about your son soon.  Patrick, being Cali's we don't get that snow at all. Sometimes up in the mountains but rare. Love the picture!!!   We got a little light shower, now supposed to be dry for a week with warmer temps. We need rain. ~   Hi Ruth all stay safe. Voted 

The Cutest Baby Animals in the World

Hi Gayle we never get much snow in Cork we live in the south of Ireland quite near the sea but we are getting it now I hope you get some rain sweet llamas Patrick that looks soo cold its like being in a freezer here we are only used to rain be careful outside  hi Ruth all stay safe voted

Beautiful alpacas and young raccoon... <3

Snowed most of the day yesterday, after I took that pic. Yes Mary, it's just like a freezer outside, lol. Hasn't been above freezing for several days. Makes my work much harder.

Dogs like it, because they get to come inside at night.

Glad you got a little rain Gayle...

Hi Ruth

Have a great day (TGIF) and TY for votes

When several male lions travel together, it's called a coalition

I thought so  Mary that you don't usually get snow, knew about your rain, that's why it is so beautifully green there cute racoon.  That is a beautiful coalition Patrick, didn't know that's what it was called :-)  Hard work for you freezing, doggies happy. All stay safe, we are in a dry warmer spell now. Hi Ruth.. Voted TGIF4,883 Black Jaguar Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Beautiful black leopard Gayle. How's you son's friend Mary? Has he showed symptoms?

A little sunshine today, but still cold and everything covered with snow.

Hi Ruth...

Have a great Sat. and TY for the votes

Squirrel says "whoaa" lol

Hi Patrick my son's friend is lucky he has no symptoms My son tested negative but he is still isolating  just in case he's a policeman so he comes into contact with people through work 

still very cold here too  I bet your  dogs don't mind being inside these nights  mine don't want to even go out they are used to rain but not this cold .I never knew about coalitions  beautiful lions ans sweet squirrel 

Gayle any more rain ?gorgeous panther hi Ruth all stay safe voted

I bet it is cold with snow on the ground Patrick. Cute squirrel. Happy your son tested negative Mary, makes sense that he would still stay in. Cute lions hugging. No more rain for us. Like yours Mary, Ruby doesn't mind rain, but hates wind with cold.    Voted all stay safe on this sunny Saturday afternoon.  Hi Ruth.

Lions family - Cats & Animals Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus (Image 1405118)

Good afternoon ladies. Hope all is going well.

Beautiful lions.. Still below freezing here and lots of snow on the ground.

Lots of chores still to do, so I'll be brief

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes

Hi Ruth

violet turaco

cute lions Gayle sorry you got no rain Patrick I bet its very hard doing chores in that cold gorgeous turaco  hi Ruth still very cold here  all stay safe voted

Sorry it's so cold for you Patrick and Mary. We have sunshine today but cold mornings.  Beautiful bird Patrick and pretty frog Mary. All stay safe on this Sunday. Hi Ruth voted.

Will Oil Companies Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? - EcoWatch

hi Gayle  a bit better here today sweet bears  Patrick I hope its improving for you hi Ruth all stay safe voted

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