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beautiful flowers Gayle and Patrick nice day here today cool and breezy hi Ruth happy Tuesday all voted

Pretty flower art Gayle, precious baby eles Mary. I love those little guys so much.

Went down to the spring yesterday in the ATV. It's a mess. I'll need a saw, rake, and machete to get it into proper passable condition again. At least if there's a problem with the spring pump system, I have a way to get me (and tools) down there.

Hot today, but there's a nice breeze. That helps

Hi Ruth

Have a nice Tuesday and TY for voting

Here's a little cutey, a baby sloth

Adorable pix Mary and Patrick. glad your weather is OK.  Sounds like a lot of work at your spring Patrick. Glad you have your ATV.  Warm here with a little breeze also.  All have a nice Tuesday. Voted hi Ruth

30 Baby Elephants That Will Instantly Make You Smile | Bored Panda

Good afternoon. Cute little baby butt Gayle, lol. We may get some rain tonight (or maybe not, it's iffy) lol

Hi Mary and Ruth

Yes, my work is cut out for me, to have a clean trail again. Having a rough work week (tons of issues) so will probably get started this weekend.

Have a great camel day and TY!

Green Heron chick

sweet little sloth and cute heron chick Patrick you have a lot to do to fix the spring ,good that at least you have the ATV ,plenty rain here guys wish I could send some /I'm glad you have a breeze Gayle darling little ellie ,Hi Ruth happy Wednesday all voted

Cute pix Mary and Patrick. Glad your getting rain, we are dry and warm.  Enjoy Wednesday. Voted  Hi Ruth

1000+ Cute Bird Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

sweet birds Gayle how is Buster ?very wet here hi Patrick and Ruth happy Thursday all voted

Great pics ladies. Love animal babies. Very loving keets...

Well, we got some rain last night, it was quite a welcoming sight. Cooler today (but the grass will start growing again, lol)

Hi Ruth

Have a nice Thursday and TY!

This is a pretty heron

Rufescent tiger heron

Cute pic Mary, Buster is doing well but always talks for Ruby. TY for asking. Your wet there and Patrick you got rain.Wish we did. Very pretty heron. Warm here so far.  All have a nice Thursday. Voted hi Ruth

Wild boar babies

Wild boar piglets | Cute piglets, Baby animals, Cute animals

So nice to get some rain, Patrick. Glad you have ATV to get places around there. Quite a bit of work to be done at the spring. Cyoooot baby sloth, colorful heron chick. Cool tiger heron.

Wish you could send rain here, Mary. Low hundreds last days. Whew! Will be cooling down some by Sunday, I hope. Baby ele enjoying ele ride. Sweet baby deer resting in nest. Precious baby squirrel sleeping.

Glad you got some breeze, Mandi. Loving parrots. Thinking of Buster also missing Ruby, calling out to her. Baby ele almost making it over log. Precious boar babies.

Happy TGIF. Voted^5.

sweet little boar babies Gayle sad for Buster he misses his friend too dry here today but grey skies  .You got some rain Patrick pretty heron glad its a bit cooler .Ruth your weather is hot I hope you get some rain soon lovely parrots happy Friday all voted

Green-headed Tanager


It's been a long week, lol. For being the end of my career, things "to do" sure piled up. Bunches of problems, boss wants me to advise customers of yet another price increase, messed up deliveries to straighten out, etc etc. If I didn't have a nice July commission check, which won't get mailed until next week, I'd quit now...

I guess I'll appreciate retirement more after going through these last 2 hard weeks. Hopefully, by this time next week, I will have resigned and can start re-homing all these animals. The place taking in Gizmo is very nice, and they said they could take all of the tamed domestic cats and have a placement system for nice homes.

Not sure about what to do with all of the ferals that can't be handled. I'll no longer have my job, so I can focus on what to do about them.

I'm sad to re-home Gizmo, he's the only one in 32 years that will go somewhere else from here. All have lived their entire lives once they got here. I will miss the big guy, a LOT. I'm sure he'll be confused, but he'll be in an enclosure with other tigers in adjacent enclosures. He's been mighty lonely for tiger friends since Obi died last year. So now he will have company of his own kind in his old age.

I've spent a lot more time with him, than any of the other wild ones that we've taken in, because he's the last one (and the only one,, for over a year). He's gotten a lot of my attention and extra love. It's the hardest part of this whole thing. He's a gentle giant and very smart. I just hope he can adapt quickly and not think I don't love him any more.

Sorry about the rant. This is the only place I can be open about my plans, until I leave my job...

Great photos! Glad Buster is doing well Gayle, he's such a sweety...

Have a good Friday and TY for being friends.

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