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Las Vegas shooting is so tragic. The world is mad. Prayers for all, and their families. Love the pics. Glad you had a great time with grandkids, Mary. It is good Pepper is alright, Patrick. Barking time. You have 2 very happy spoiled big kittehs there. A lot of chicken quarters. It is pleasant here, Mandi. We had rain today, and cooler. Hope nice for you too. Voted.

Just got back from town where we left Pepper with the vet. She is being spayed as I type this. Also, shot and an examination, especially her eyes. I pick her up tomorrow. Very quiet around here today LOL. Maybe the feral cats can all come out and eat in peace,, today.

I have always been a huge Tom Petty fan, even before he was famous. His band, Mudcrutch, use to play at the City Auditorium on weekends, for young folks to come and dance and hang out. That was in Ocala, Florida, just 30 miles from his hometown of Gainesville. I will miss him

TY for the votes, have a great Tuesday

Hello Tuesday friends~          Happy to hear Pepper is being spayed and exam. Hope all will be well. RIP Tom Petty too young. I'm sure all the "cats" will enjoy some peace can food. Glad you got a little rain Ruth, not here yet. But it is cooler, then will be hot this weekend again. Mary, how are you doing?  Hope your Dad is doing OK. Sad.

All enjoy your day.    Voted.

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth hope your tuesday is going well  praying for Vegas  voted

Good morning ladies. Waking up early again today. Going to retrieve Pepper from the vet in a bit. There was another dog there, getting spayed that was dumped at the vet's office. It's a tiny little thing and now my wife is interested in her. LOL. The vet wants to give it to us. I asked the vet if he just wants to swap Pepper for her,, that was a big no.
It's probably best if my wife doesn't go in with me and see her. She's a real little cutie, maybe a little bigger than my foot.

I hope you ladies have an awesome camel day. And, as always, TY for the daily votes

hi Patrick so happy for Pepper being so well cared for so sorry about Tom Petty too young  hi Gayle how are things with you?any progress with Robert Ruth?happy world animal day voted

Oh dear Patrick, how can you say no to that little bitty one LOL. So glad Pepper found you.  Ruth how are things going for you and with Robert? Any news?  Hi Mary doing OK here, beautiful weather; fall going back into summer for a bit. Hope your well.  Happy Animal World Day.. Voted  Trying out the heater to be sure it works with the coming of winter. Ran A/C all summer. Seems to be working so far.

Good morning ladies. Picked up Pepper yesterday. I tried letting her sleep in the house. It was just too confusing for her and she is def. not house trained. I ended up letting her stay in Daisy's enclosure. She took Daisy's house so I pulled her house into Daisy's run but Daisy wouldn't sleep in it. They were both trying to use Daisy's house at first, then Daisy just ended up sleeping on the ground. What a mess.

The little dog at the vet's is a miniature Yorkie, My wife wants her, but the vet's desk girl may keep it for her 17 yo daughter. We'll know tomorrow

I hope everyone has a great Thurs. TY for the votes!

Hello my W1 peeps. Time slipped away from me again. Catching up.

It's staying dark in morning a little longer now. Sleepy head=me. 

Awesome World Animal Day pics, girls. I'm with those kitties, not Friday yet. At least it will be here tomorrow.

Good you got Pepper fixed, Patrick. She is very rambuncious, is spelling right? Miniature Yorkie sounds like a cutie. Your wife might get her way to have him. Daisy seems really confused about the whole situation. Did the kitties get to come out to eat and run around with Pepper gone for a while?

It is so sad Tom Petty is gone now. Very surreal. I love his song Free Falling, and video. Other songs of his too. Interesting about his band Mudcrutch, and playing for the young folk to dance. Missing him.

Luvin the cooler weather, and rain a couple of days ago. It will get cooler as time goes on without interruption of hot days, Mandi.

We got our osolating heater out, which doesn't osolate anymore, but keeps house warm and cozy. Beats running wall heaters. They run a very high electric bill, as we found out early on in 2004 when we moved in this place.

I am thinking about your Dad, Mary.

Doctor's office still hasn't called back to schedule MRI. It is so confusing, because he had an MRI over a year a go on his back. Why can't they use those pics to go further? GRRRR! He is in so much pain in his legs and feet also, and can't do much of the small repairs anymore. Our son, Eric has been. He is such a huge help. I make sure he knows it too.

Prayers continue for the people in Las Vegas shooting.

Wow, my longest novel ever. lol.

All have a wonderful Thursday. Voted.

Love that picture Ruth, So true!!!  So sorry to hear about Robert suffering.  Lots of confusion with Pepper and Daisy Patrick. Pepper just being new doesn't know boundaries yet I guess. And Daisy there first :-)  A min Yorkie o my, that has to be the best!!! Let us know who gets her. :-) Mary, how are things in beautiful Ireland? All have a good day and take good care.  Voted.

Glad you love my pic. Very cyoooot Happy Thursday kitty and ducklings, Mandi. Thanks about Robert. He's hanging in there.

so sorry to hear about all Roberts pain and suffering Ruth praying it will be sorted soon he's had such a trial already hi Gayle all quiet here now had my dad for dinner he brought his dog and  he's minding my sisters dog while she and her hubby go on hols he's just completed chemo a few weeks ago ,also had my son and his girlfriend and their dog  and of course my own 3 so we had more dogs than people lol  hi Patrick the little yorkie sounds very cute i'm sure Pepper and Daisy will sort it out all enjoy thursday voted

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