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LOL... There's Ruby, covered in grass clippings. It's getting warm here, 82F. I forgot to take the mower tire with me today, when I went to town. Meanwhile, the grass keeps growing. You can almost see it growing.

I bought the tigers a whole pork loin, to split between them, along with chicken quarters. They love big pieces of meat. They shake it and prance around like they killed somethingLOL

I hope you ladies are having a wonderful Tuesday, TY for the votes

Haha on Ruby and grass clippings Ruth. She does like when Tom mows. I bet your big cats are happy with the meat Patrick. I can just see them shaking and prancing like they make a kill :-) Warmed up for you and growing grass for sure. Everything is growing now. Tom has been working OT cleaning hedges and junipers..  Hope you remembered the tire  next trip LOL.. Mary how is your weather doing? Nice and warm  here too Patrick and Ruth.  Voted.

Ruby enjoying the sun  and keeping an eye out for squirrels :-)

Ruby covered in grass and beautiful shiney Ruby Gayle sounds like a big gardening job is going on at your house   i bet the tigers were pleased with you Patrick a great meal and a shower ,Ruth i'm glad its warmer for you  lots of work in the garden for you too  happy tuesday all voted heres some squirrels for Ruby to watch

Squirrels for Ruby Mary  LOL.. Very cute. We have tons of them around here. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. Weather nice here. Waiting to go pick up a neighbor from having a procedure.  Voted

so cute pic  Gayle what a good neighbour you are,hi Patrick and Ruth how are you voted

Great pics ladies!! I hope everyone is having a great camel day. I got a lot accomplished today (hence, the late post). I didn't get the mower tire fixed, so didn't get any mowing done. However, I did the next best thing. I got someone to agree to mow this overgrown pasture, for a reasonable price. :D

This will buy me some time to fix up my old mower. LOL

Have a great evening and TY for the votes!

Enjoying all of the pics.

Funny how dogs love to lay in grass clippings, maybe it's nice and cool. Ruby knows all about it. Cute squirrels for her, Mary. Awesome wolf. AWOOOO!

Glad someone is mowing the overgrown grass this time, until you fix your mower.

I apologize for quick note. Will come back later.

Weather forecast: warmer here too, with some rain here and there.

All of you have a wonderful Thursday. Voted.

                                             Crazy squirrel for you to watch, Ruby

Good idea Patrick, get someone else to mow LOL. Great wolf pic Mary, Ruth, love the squirrel pic as Ruby just now got done chasing one in the back yard :-) Squirrel won.  :-) All have a great Thursday,  Voted

Smokey and Ktkit (inside feral cats) act like that squirrel Ruth. I guess they're squirrely, lol

Hot and muggy today. I hear the mowing guy, down the road, mowing. He's supposed to call and let me know when he's coming. He'll probably be pulling in,, in an hour or so.

That squirrel is fooling that dog Gayle. I have seen that action a bunch of times. LOL

Hope you are doing well Mary. Cool wolf pic.

Have a great Thursday ladies,, almost TGIF,, TY for the votes!

hi Gayle Patrick Ruth i had Mac at the vet today she was quite poorly ,he says its pain in her back legs i'm trying pain meds she is 15 but she is a great fighter ,I'm glad you have a guy to do the mowing Patrick  ,Ruby loves the chase Gayle Benny my Jack Russell loves it as well ,Ruth nice that its a little warmer hope you don't get too much rain ,voted

Great Ruby photo, Mandi. She is really enjoying the sun. Bummer that squirrel won, Ruby. Maybe next time. There must be a squirrel on the other side of the tree, where the dog is looking up, but they can be really quick.

Maybe you do have squirrely cats, Patrick. When Rohke runs in the house really fast, he reminds me of the what' squirrel. Hope the mower guy got there by now. Stay cool from the hot and muggy weather today. We get those days sometimes, yuk.

Hope the pain meds are working for Mac, Mary. Aww, dog wants kitty. A little cooler today, no rain.

TGIF! Ele family, heading into Friday.

So sorry to hear about Mac, Mary :(

Maybe think about supplements as well? Glucosomine and Chondroiton? (my spelling could be wrong). These are good for hip and other bone problems, and often compounded together.

I'm heading off to town for supplies. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday

TY for the votes!

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