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She might be a bit better. Could be the dexamethisone, but she still has a lot of problems walking. I have to wait before injecting her again. Dex is really strong and can shut down the liver and or kidneys if she gets too much. She didn't eat for the last 2 days, but I got her to eat a turkey leg today. I may try to feed her a can of dog food later tonight. It's hot outside, so that doesn't help the situation (meat spoils fast if she doesn't eat it right away)
I hope Ruth is okay...

TY for the votes, I hope everyone is having a great Sat!

Here's a leaping leopard, cooling off

i hope the dex does her some good i am giving Mac my old dog tramadol for her pains and aches it has helped her a lot ,when dogs are older i think thats when we love them most hi Gayle and Ruth happy weekend voted

Glad you got home safely, Patrick. Very happy tigers. You are helping Luna all you can, and hope the dex is helping her. I'm glad she finally ate, and be great if she eats the dog food too. Older animals have health problems, it's so hard to accept there are only some years left, and we cherish every moment with them. Hope it will get cooler there soon. Great leopard leap to coolness, and that's a lot of sting rays.

The dogs look so cool sitting in the water, Mary. Hope the hot weather continues while your son and girlfriend are on holiday. Giraffe is peeking in on us. Beautiful whale and cute calf and cat pals.

The little dog says, "You look like me, but bigger", to the horse. I thought the orcas were moving at first. It was 55 F. yesterday. Total difference from 70s-80s lately. I wore jeans and light wrap. If only summer was like that. Gray clouds this morning; maybe some rain:) All of you stay cool.

Everybody have a wonderful Sunday. Voted.

                 Visited the ducks and geese. What a joy to see the ducklings and goslings

She had been walking on her hock (foot plus next bone up) but today she was on all four feet and off the hock portion. I gave her a steak last night and she ate that as well. We're going to start giving her a daily dose of glucosimine/chondroiton tablets, to see if that will also help. I'm going to check on Tramadol Mary, see if that helps ease pain. She never shows pain though, but it's sure to hurt.

The ducks and geese are cool Ruth. Especially the babies. :)
This is Luna 10+ years ago when she was tip top shape (in the tiger playground). I may have posted it before

Have a pleasant Sunday and TY for the votes!

i hope Luna feels better Patrick i use that glucosimine /chondroitron as well Patrick hi Ruth the ducks and geese look so cool with the cute little ones ,hi Gaylehow are you voted

Patrick, so glad to hear she ate the steak. Aging in our animals is so hard for them and our hearts. I also, like Mary give Ruby glucosimine /chondroitron on a regualr basis, have since 7 mo's old. I also have tramadol, it's a very good pain reliever Patrick. I only have it as it was given to me when I had my neck surgery, but my vet has also prescribed for dogs.  Very cute pix everyone. Makes me smile. TY too Ruth for the cute duckies. The big geese are mean at times :-)  I too, wish it would stay cool. It's been so nice here. Heat is coming.  All enjoy your Sunday.   Voted.

Good morning ladies. Yes, a big goose can be mean, I have been chased by one LOL.

Mary, the dog and cat are twins, lol. How are you doing Ruth?

I am getting ready to hit the road again, starting a new account up, in SE Missouri. Short trip, small account.

I hope everyone has a good Monday, TY for the votes...

Some lion cubs,, one of which is white. White lions are not albinos. They are "leucistic". The condition known as leucism causes a loss of pigmentation except in the eyes. The eyes are normal color (albinos have red eyes)

So glad Luna is walking on all fours, and ate steak, Patrick. Love photo of her earlier on. Some of the geese there, let me feed them bread by hand; they are so use to people. Our daughter, Genevieve, was chased by a goose when she was 1 1/2 YO, that was as tall or taller than her. She ran as fast as she could. Lion cubs are so precious. Thanks for lion cubs' photo, and info about white lions. I didn't know that till now.

Those ducklings, and goslings are so wonderful to see. They learn early to be very quick getting bread.

Beautiful Sunday pic, Mandi. Bling bling. It is going to get warmer soon. Too bad we can't keep the cool weather for long:(

Very cute dog and cat look a likes, Mary. Do you have a pond where you live?

Have a fabulous Day. Voted.

hi Ruth such a cute lion ,yep geese can be cross and scarey ,Gayle your going back to hot we are going back to rain o well it was nice while it lasted ,Patrick thats so interesting about the white lions i'm learning her  hows Luna?have a safe trip voted

Tks for the info on the white lions Patrick I always wondered. Safe trip and good getting another account albeit a small one.:-) Love the pic too.  Agree with  you Ruth on the weather, we are heating up starting today Ugh. Cute Monday pic Ruth. Mary, how are you? Ruby came up limping last night out of nowhere, seeing our vet today. All enjoy your Monday. Voted

Great pictures ladies.. Sure, a dog can lead a horse, but it's not like a cat riding a dog, LOL..

Have an awesome Tuesday and TY for the votes!

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