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Thanks for your awesome pics too, Patrick. Ellie power coming toward us, run! I'm glad tiger, Obi, is acting like herself again, and you are watching her carefully. Yesterday was a good day. Kind of cold, but wearing winter garb lately.

Hello girls.

Happy TGIF. Daily vote done. Over and out.

Looks like Rohke photo bombing Ruth LOL. Mary you are have rough weather, stay safe and warm. Patrick, so happy to hear about Obi becoming normal again. He has a great Dad taking care of him.

Love all the pix  and of course our Ellie's  :-) the roos, hyena, and bears. Warm here like you Ruth, but very cool evenings and mornings. Love that. Prayers for all those humans and animals affected by Michael. So sad. Enjoy your Friday. Voted.


Related image

Funny about Rohke photo bombing me, Mandi. Wake up now, MRAW, lol. Koala definitely wears a Friday face. Lovin the weather also.

Hope not too stormy there still, Mary.

Prayers continue for people and animals in hurricane.


not so stormy now very wet but we need the rain ,your weather sounds nice Gayle and Ruth hows yours Patrik ?all enjoy friday voted

Hmm,, my post seems to have disappeared. I typed more than usual too,, dammit. I'll just recap,, Obi's doing good, great photos, TGIF, TY for the votes LOL!

very wet here today we have power yay the grandkids are here ,so glad for Obi Patrick hi Gayle and Ruth happy saturday voted

 I so love the kitty, bat, hippos and seal guys. The pix always put a smile of my face. Glad you have power Mary with  your storm and with the g-kids there. Such good news about Obi Patrick. Your a good keeper of the big cats. Hoping all enjoy your Saturday, and Ruth, we are still having nice 80's weather.  Voted.

Image result for happy saturday ocean animal pics

Great photos, as always.. Oh my gosh, that seal pup.I want to love on him. LOL

Taking care of wild animals is much different than domestics. They hide health problems, because that would make them appear vulnerable in the wild. I always assume, when I first notice a sign of trouble, that they have been sick for awhile and hiding it. After almost 30 years of caring for the wild ones, I have learned much about signs of sickness and reacting quick.
Obi knocked back 10 pounds of raw chicken tenders today (in the cold drizzling rain. She was eating it as fast as I could toss it in. A good sign. Of course I got soaking wet and cold. lol I don't have fur and a thick hide though.

I hope everyone is having a great Sat., and TY for the daily votes and pics.

Here's a serval. We have had several, many years ago. Pets, that turned aggressive and the owners had no way to properly care for them. I have no problem caring for animals that I can't pet, all deserve a nice place, regardless of disposition.

You have a big caring heart for the animals, Patrick. No matter what, they do all deserve to feel safe, be fed, and live a happy life. I'm so glad Obi is feeling better, and she's eating really good now. You have taken care of many different animals for a lot of years, and have learned to see that they are sick, and watch them carefully for any draw backs. The hippo mama and baby are having fun in the water. Love the serval, and their ears. Can bet they hear very well. It's cool you took care of them there too.

Good you have power now, and having a wonderful time with your grand kids, Mary. Hope rain there soon. Great bat photo. He's looking at the world upside down, lol. The seal pup is so precious.

Your weather is nice, Mandi. It's been 70 to 75 here. Cold enough to wear jeans, and sweater. Brrrr. Saturday penguin is kickin it, sliding on his ice sheet.

Sunday night blessings. Voted.

Awesome photo Ruth.That's one cool cat.

I hope everyone had a good Sunday. I was quite busy today.

I think this is a cool photo of a buffalo,, TY for the votes

my post never showed up yesterday  Patrick you sure know your animal stuff ,i once ahad a rescued cat who always hid any illness as well  she was a little wild  hi Gayle and Ruth voted i hope this stays up

Oh wow Mary, that is so cute. Little peekers... lol

Went off the mountain today, to make sure Karen is stocked up, I'm hitting the road tomorrow. I'll only be gone a couple of nights, so she likes stuff to eat that doesn't have a lot of prep time. Hard to cook for one.

Obi ate like crazy today. Her appetite is completely back and she is making up for a week of off feed. Makes me happy to see her eat so well.

The eyes on this lynx are amazing. Have a great Monday night ladies, and TY for the votes.

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