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Good afternoon ladies. Awesome computer station Ruth ^5

Cute donk Gayle. LOL... We are all stocked up until Tuesday. Ice storm starts tomorrow late night, and 6 hours of freezing rain, then 12 hours of snow. It will be a big mess. If we lose power, we lose water. So we are filling up jugs just in case. We have a generator, but I haven't set it up to run the spring pump. I'll probably lose internet when the dish on the roof gets covered with ice, so if I drop off, that's why.

TY for the daily votes

Here's a Great Grey Owl, a very handsome guy

i think i.m kinda sorted now got some help so we'll see how it goes Gayle theres another rainstorm here and more high winds tomorrow love the cute donkey vid  ,glad you have everything sorted before the ice storm Patrick Daisy is such a sweet old girl she sounds like a kindly soul  i love hippos too Ruth you have been busy setting up your desk it looks great  all take care and stay safe voted

happy friday all very wet and windy here  voted

Mary that weather sounds rough, like the pix of the darling ele's and the giraffe.  Patrick like your pic of the grey owl, so pretty. Hoping your not snowed or iced in up there. Beautiful sun today here, but cold. Hi Ruth nice  office you have there. :-)  Voted happy Friday all.Related image

TGIF! Cool pics. The giraffe is very artistic Mary. Where do you find all the neat animated .gifs Gayle?

The ice storm is coming, no getting around it. Freezing drizzle begins at 10PM, then turns to freezing rain at midnight. That's going to last all night, turning to snow in the morning. I should do the newsletter tonight I guess. TY for the votes!

This mom wants you to see her baby. lol

Awww that picture is so cute Patrick. Snow? Eek  and we have sunshine and cold. And we complain LOL.. Hi Ruth and Mary, happy Saturday all. Take care there Patrick!  VotedRelated image

Good afternoon ladies. I hope your storm wasn't too bad Mary. Ours wasn't as bad as they said it would be, however, roads aren't passable and I had to walk and drag the feed tub around on ice, to do chores. More snow tonight, on top of the layer of ice.

Cool wolf gif Gayle. TY ladies for the votes and the bit of activity here.

This is an appropriate photo for today, lol

it was pretty stormy here today still very windy but not that cold,what cute bears and the lovely mom and baby , Patrick what a day had dragging over the ice  hi Gayle love that wolf yes where do you get them ? hi Ruth how are you?happy saturday all voted

Glad you like my desk area. It's better than before, and now I have more room in my little corner. Rohke sits or lays on our bed, and watches me. Petting will now commence, which I do.

The donkey, and wolf are wearing me out, Mandi. Sun, and cold here yesterday. It's cloudy this morning, and brrrr. It's the zebra pack having fun.

I hope you weren't out there dragging feed tub on ice, and doing chores in the freezing weather too long, Patrick. The animals do appreciate it, chow time. Polar bears in snow are appropriate. That's a big owl flying toward us. He could pick up anything his heart desires with his strong talons. Your baby is very cyoooot, Mama otter.

Hope your storm passed by, Mary. Love the ellie friends 4-ever, and the fox. The giraffe looks so beautiful in his habitat, standing by acacia tree. Another one for my grand girl, Hope. Thanks.

Lora's birthday is today. She is 10 now. Like Cher said, "If I could turn back time."

All have a wonderful day, and stay warm. Voted.

Okay, you can pat my head one more time, lol.

Happy B Day to Hope Ruth. Patrick, dragging on the ice, be very careful. Mary hope your storm passes soon.. Pretty wolves  Mary and Ruth, love the polar bear mama and babies.  Cold and dreary here.  Voted  Oh, I get the pix just doing searches. :-)  Happy Sunday all. Day of rest ;-)Shirley Temple GIF - Shirley Temple Lol GIFs

For Hope Ruth

Image result for Resting giraffe gifs

Good afternoon ladies,, beautiful wolf cubs Mary and Ruth. Happy birthday to Lora...

Still freezing here, but the snow ended and the sun came out. A lot will melt away tomorrow, leaving a big muddy mess. lol. Should all dry up by Wed and temps in the 40's F.

Here's another mom and baby.. so beautiful

Good afternoon ladies. Sunny day today and warmed up. It will be even nicer tomorrow and may even hit 50 F. I hope everyone had a nice Monday and will have an enjoyable evening.

Thank you so much for the daily votes.

Here's a couple of peekers keeping eyes on things

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