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Hi ladies. Cool Zebrhino, lol. I just love sloths. They truly are laid back. Moving in a different time construct. lol

We have freezing rain coming in tomorrow, so I went to town today to stock up, just in case the roads are impassable tomorrow. Even more glad I came back home early.

Have a great eveng and TY for the votes!

Here's an underwater shot of a kingfisher diving for a meal

Very fun animal-combo photos.

The monkey does look like Jimmy Durante, Mary. Puppy bunny is so cute. I remember wallabies, but not the rock wallaby. Baby is comfy, and secure in mama's pouch. Great zebra rhino. Hope Ollie is doing better. It was good he stayed with you. Nothing like a Grandma's care, and love, except mama, of course.

Glad you are feeling better, Mandi. Did the doc tell hubby it's allergies? Sunshine here too, and a tad warmer in recent days, but no rain. Enjoy yours. The polar bear looks like we feel on Mondays, lol. The sloth really is kicking back taking in his surroundings.

Glad you had a safe trip there, and back, and got your supplies, Patrick. Great your truck is fixed, and you can take it into the woods, and down to the spring water system. A dog bird instead of a bird dog, a panther squirrel, and an owl bunny. Now I've seen everything. he he.

Have a good night. Voted.


Good afternoon ladies. There's a lot of different species of wallaby Ruth. Eight different genus and many species under each of the genus. Several are extinct though. Many years ago, I almost bought a trio of rock wallabies, but decided I didn't want to be breeding them, because I didn't want to supply a pet market. People who want pets should look at adopting needy dogs and cats.

I hope everyone is having a great Friday and heading into a good weekend. TY for the votes!

I have several photos of owls (I love them). This is a Spectacled Owl.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday. I'm taking a break from chores. Got the newsletter completed earlier, then dog pen cleaning. Now I'm heading out to feed the crew.

TY so much for the votes!

Here's a Western Lowland Silverback. Contemplating something deep...

what a magnificent  guy and the owl is gorgeous Patrick sounds like you have a lot of work on 

Hi Ruth love the owlcat  how are you?

Gayle  i hope you and hubby are all better now  have a lovely saturday all voted

Oh my gosh, how I'm loving these pix. Ruth, he's cute, I love owls too Patrick, grew up with them in my childhood trees nearby, what a gorgeous silver back.Your still working hard around there it seems.  Of course Mary donkeys are another of my favs.. We are doing well, ty.. Sunshine/clouds here today.  Voted

Here's a 3rd one in the group LOL

Related image

You ladies keep making me think I need a donkey, lol. Maybe a few miniature donkeys, to eat my grass, lol. Or maybe goats?

I hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday and TY for the daily votes.

Few things cuter than an ocelot cub

H iGayle glad your doing  well  your weather sounds nice for this time of year love the donkeys  we have a huge donkey sanctuary in mallow  thats not far from me its a really great place one of my favourite places  they are wonderful people like Patrick looking after little abandoned donkeys and mules too  what wonderful eyses that cub has Patrick  how are you Ruth what a cute owlcat  all have a great day voted

Miniature donkeys  Patrick and a few goats would take care of your grass :-) Mary how I would love to be near a rescue for them. what a cute ocelot Patrick, and Mary we love our wolves for sure. We are having cold rain now. Cali needs it but the flooding is causing problems. Hi Ruth.  Voted

Happy  Monday.

Related image

Late getting here today. Had to take my wife to the ER (over an hour away) because of blood pressure probs. Back again today, to see a Dr and get a script.When I got home last night, I found that Kit Kit (left in my oiffice) broke my monitor and speakers. So, I bought a new monitor today while my wife was seeing the Dr.

Great photos ladies... Hope everyone had a good day. TY for the votes!

Here's a pretty owl

That is a pretty owl Patrick, so sorry about the news of your dear wife. How is she doing today? I hope her BP has leveled out and she is doing OK.. Please give her a hug from me K?  Glad you got your new monitor, now that's called multi-tasking my friend. Hi Mary and Ruth, we are raining here, mud slides a problem down south.  Happy Tuesday.  Voted

Related image

I Hope your wife is doing better Patrick and her B P is sorted ,Gayle i'm glad theres no mudslides where you are .Rain we need it but sometimes it is too much where do you get the cute videos ?love the owl Patrick how are you Ruth?voted

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