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Cute raccoon Mary :)

Patrick, you always make  me laugh with your picture titile.Glad to hear the the dogs stayed put and your weather is warming up too. One of my dobes tore up my vets nice mat in her cage and also the door. She cut her chin doing it.  Darling Racoon Mary oh no, more snow. The boys always seem to get tall. My grandson is 6'3. My dad and brother were over 6'.  Beautiful pic of the rain forest river Ruth. Yes, we shrink LOL, as we get older.

We had a summer day yesterday and all Ruby's dog friends came to play:-) Rained last night and more coming tomorrow. Have a great Thursday.  Voted.

Related image

Great idea double fastening the gate, Patrick. Pepper can't stop trying. Glad it will be warmer so both of them can stay outside. They probably like that anyways. I would love to be at the river too, and listen to all of the rainforest' wildlife sounds. Momma growls, "I love you too kid."

So we are the same height, since I shrunk, Mary. You have tall boys, and the grands following. Our son, Eric, is 6'3". Got Robert's tall genes. Still snow there. Stay warm inside with your furry babies. Hello Mr. raccoon peeking out. Yes, you are very cyoooot.

I'm glad Ruby had a fun day with her dog friends, and warm to boot, Mandi. Nice to get rain. We haven't had any recently. Dogs can be so mischievous, but at the same time cute. Very thirsty tiger.

Have a great Thursday. Voted.

Just because. I get a kick out of the cat's look while the other one is crawling over him. He's thinking, 'Hey, this is my spot."

very cute kitties Ruth   nice for Ruby to have her friends calling  beautiful thirsty tiger  i bet you will be glad when those mischievous dogs are back outside  love the momma leopard happy thursday all voted

Good evening ladies. Late getting here. Little Obi is sick. I darted her with some antibiotic because she wouldn't eat steak with pills in it. I'm really worried, because she's old. Hopefully the 10cc of Baytril will get her going enough to eat the med meat.

She was fine yesterday and knocked out a half of a 24 lb turkey. Fortunately, it's not going below freezing tonight.

Great photos ladies. TY for the votes. Tomorrow starts a new month, maybe we can get our position in the 400's.

Cute kitties Ruth, no rain yet?  Love the Coyote  pix so cute!. I guess that's what they are? Patrick, how is Obi doing? What a worry, I hope to hear the baytril helped? Saying a prayer. Mary, how is your weather  holding?  We are waiting for a big wind and rain storm to hit anytime now. Happy TGIF everyone. Patrick, let us know about Obi  Voted Image result for tiger gifs

Sending prayers for little Obi Patrick i hope the baytril helps ,hi Gayle its very cold here but we were warned it would be -4 its not as cold as that ,i was at a grandparents day today for Toms school it was really lovely  hi Ruth i hope you get some rain soon  voted

I darted her with 10cc Baytril, along with 2 pieces of meat with a different antibiotic type, than the Baytril. She ate those overnight. She is much better today. Ate 14 turkey legs. Drank 2 gallons of water. I am much relieved. She was looking pretty dim yesterday. That Baytril is something else. I know it hurt like heck when that dart hit her, but I used my pump-up air powered gun instead of the one that uses strong gunpowder blanks. I debated on whether to dart her last night in almost dark, or wait until daylight this morning.
She went down so fast yesterday, I decided to just do it.It may have turned out badly, had I not.

They hide their illnesses extremely well (showing illness in the wild creates vulnerability), so jumping on it quick really helped.She's not completely out of the woods yet,,, so now that she's eating I will give her oral meds for 5 days, just to be on the safe side.
TY for the concerns, I was really worried. I love that big smelly cat,, a LOT. She's closing in on 17 YO, so the time is coming eventually (they average 18-20). Gizmo is about 2 years younger, so he's getting up there too. He's my "big guy" and owns a piece of my heart as well.
Have a great Friday night and TY for the daily votes. Great pics BTW!!
A Cross Fox

Mary, how fun going to the grandparents for Tom. Love the giraffes. Glad it's not as cold as projected..Ruth you need some rain there too.  Patrick, so glad to hear Obi is better. You are a keeper of your little zoo. How could you not love your big ones. :-)You know that parrots, (birds) also hide their illnesses for protection.  Happy Saturday. Voted

.Image result for funny fox gifs

i'm so relieved that Obi is feeling better they sure do own our hearts  i suppose it makes sens to wild animals to hide their illness  good job spotting it  Patrick .Iknow you keep an eagle on on Buster Gayle  dogs complain well mine do  hi Ruth how are you love the pretty fox and the bouncing ones voted

Good afternoon friends. Exotic birds are wildlife, so they too hide illness, sometimes until too late. What an incredible lion photo Mary. A melanistic lion.

I hope everyone is having a nice Saturday. It's been very pleasant here. Big freeze coming next week though (Buddy and Pepper back in the basement for a couple nights, lol) .. TY for the votes.

A flock of parrots roosting.

the parrots look amazing Patrick  it was nice here this morning but we are back to cold foggy rain now it is Olliie my grandsons birthday today  for a few weeks Ollie will both be 5 Tom turns 6 in march  hi Gayle and Ruth how are ye  voted

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