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Awesome pics ladies,,, love those baby animals. lol <3
It was nice here today. Got my mower running (yay!). I'll need a tire repair and a new battery, but everything will be working after that. It's a small battery, so I'm not going to fool with the old one. I don't think it will hold a charge.

It was nice here today, highs in mid-70's F. Rain all week next week :(

Have a great Monday night ladies. I'm taking a short biz trip tomorrow.

TY for the votes!

A red bellied woodpecker

Good morning friends... I am getting ready to hit the road, so posting early.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday, TY for the daily votes.

A Hawfinch

Away again too long.

The spider pics scare me, especially jumping spiders. Love the ellies, bears, birds, flying squirrel, all of them:)

Genevieve, and I went out together, Sunday, to yard sales, and lunch. A wonderful girls' day out.

Off to farmer's market to get local honey. The weather prediction is so right on, Mandi. Too hot, ditto...... Now I want Fall, lol.

Have a great Tuesday. Voted ^5

Hope your trip is going OK Patrick cute finch and woodpecker. So glad you got in Ruth, sounds like a lovely day with your daughter.  Love the bear. Yes, too hot and so far no air movement this morning. Hi Mary. Voted  Happy Tuesday.


Related image

not too hot here Gayle feels quite cold like early spring or late autumn   your trip sounds lovely Ruth nothing like family time ,have a safe trip Patrick love the birds and bear voted harpy eagleThe magnificent 'Harpy Eagle' (Harpia harpyja) Often cited as world's largest extant Eagle, it indeed is one of the largest and most powerful living raptors.

just popped by to vote happy wednesday all voted

Love the eagle and baby ell Mary. Hope it is warmer there for you. We are still in our heat wave with bad air warnings.  Hi Patrick and Ruth.  Voted  Happy Wednesday all.. Image result for baby and mama animal pic

Good afternoon ladies. I'm still on the road (Oklahoma City). Dinner tonight with a customer, then up and out early tomorrow. Such awesome photos. The bear pic is very cool Ruth!

I have been hitting some extra votes in my traveling about LOL. Have a great camel day and TY for the votes!

This cougar looks like my Sassy I had, many years ago.

beautiful cougar and  bears still very cold here send us some heat Gayle lol, bad air is scarey  safe home Patrick hi Ruth voted♥ ♥

Just got home and have been doing chores. I'm exhausted. lol

Cute pups, I would like to hug them LOL

I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday, hope your weather warms up Mary.

I got in a number of extra votes while traveling, as you can see. :) TY for the daily votes ^6

Beautiful cougar and tiger Patrick, glad your home, hope your getting a rest break today. Mary, such darling wolf pups. Hoping your warming up a little. We are now cooler today -)   Hi Ruth   Voted

Related image

beautiful tiger Patrick  i'm glad your home i hope your relaxing by now ,still very cold and wet here Gayle i'm glad its cooling a little for you gorgeous wolves  hi Ruth how are you?voted[African Wild Dog] * * " Me justs knew dat me would gets kicked outta de Optimists Club."

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