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Thanks about Hope's art. All of our grands, great grands are so creative. A lot of imagination.

Good you went for an early walk with the dogs, not to meet anyone, Mary. Being safe is especially important during this horrible time. Too bad your Son can't have wedding now. In time, after all of this is over. Lion cub is sniffing Mama. Love the reflection. Roar.

Sad your Grandson, and his wife couldn't go on there Hawaii anniversary vaca, Mandi. Nice to still talk with your neighbors, by practicing safe distance. Very neighborly of them offering eggs to you. Good idea no one petting Ruby. Glad you got some food for her while waiting on Chewy order. Our store got a double shipment, and the shelves were empty of the items I needed. One of the workers there said most was gone in about 2 hours. Panic shopping is very selfish. The Canada Lynx is weekend chillaxin.

Hi, Patrick. Love to all of the animals.

Saturday night hugs all around. Voted.

Good evening ladies. Posting late, internet is off and on all day. Hope is very creative Ruth! Beautiful lions Mary. Chewy shows arriving Monday.

Bummer about missing the trip to Hawaii Gayle. Hope the c virus leaves soon so they can make it up.
Everyone stay safe, don't touch anything in public with bare hands. Remove gloves or plastic bags and toss in garbage (inside out) before getting back in car

Have a great Sat night!!

Thanks, Patrick. Hope always loves to draw, but now she's daveling in other forms of art. Great advice to stay safe from the c virus. I've been wiping my purse down, and sterilizing my keys in water with alcohol in it, when get back from store, or out anywhere. Ran out of sanitizer a while ago, but it's never around anymore to buy. Practicing staying in for now. Can't find what we need anyways.

I wonder how long the bear has been waiting for a fish. He's got competition, lol.

Ditto on Saturday nite.

I appreciate all of your prayers for Genevieve staying safe while on hospital frontlines. Prayers for your policeman Son to stay safe, Mary.

Thanks for the prayers Ruth continuing foe Genevieve and all the brave front line workers  .Sorry you are having so much difficulty getting supplies beautiful wolves  ,  great advice about the plastic gloves /bags Patrick i'm glad your delivery is coming soon bear is waiting for fish  ,Yours too Gayle sorry about your grandsons holiday ,nice to have a safe chat with neighbours good idea no petting Ruby beautiful lynx  everyone stay safe votedFoxes – News, Research and Analysis – The Conversation – page 1

All the pictures are so adorable guys.  Continued prayers for your son Mary and your daughter too Ruth. Good advice Patrick, hope your all not getting cabin fever. The spread of this virus is global and getting so bad say the doctors.  All stay safe and well please. X O   Voted. My grandson took the boys to Anderson Damn  and around the water. No people and nice for them to get out for a little bit.

I get drunk&watch videos of unlikely animal friendships - GIF on Imgur

Good afternoon W1 friends. Awesome pics. The cat on a goat is a hoot Gayle. :D

Prayers for everyone. Joe Diffee (country music star) died this afternoon. He tested positive 2 days ago. :(

We all must be very careful. Avoid contact, even contacting something that someone else touched. I went to town early this morning for a few supplies. The young guy at the register was bare handed. I carried an extra new pair into the store with me, and made him put them on before handling my items.
The store general manager is now in quarantine from testing positive, along with his wife and 10 year old daughter.The store employees still have the option to wear gloves or not. That's why I pulled a new pair and took them in with me, to make the cashier put them on.

Have a nice Sunday and take care. See you tomorrow.

Greetings. Busy Monday here.. Not much more to say since my post yesterday.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well protected.

Have a great Monday and TY for the votes

thanks for the prayers Gayle nice for the ggrands to get out for a bit  my son took the kids to a walkway it was deserted he left them ride their bikes for a bit   

that cashier was very foolish Patrick i'm glad you had gloves with you  so sorry to hear about Joe   i heard John Prine has it too  its so sad   hi Ruth  stay safe all stay inside as much as you can  votedThis dude who is sick of his best friend acting like everything is a JOKE. | 29 Pictures That Will Make Your Day A Wee Bit Better

Love the ducks and pretty bird Patrick. I too, heard about Joe, so very sad. Good idea about the extra pair of gloves, going to take your advice there when we have to go for groceries, which will have to be soon. :-(    Mary, glad to hear your son took the kids out for their bike ride. LOL on the cute donkeys. Love it. Joe Prine's wife says he in stable condition. So sad.   Hi Ruth. Voted..  All stay safe and in of you can. Another 30 days of sheltering in. Happy Monday .

China bans consumption of wildlife  Do we believe that?

Dog Cow GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Glad to hear John is stable i saw him for the first time 2 years ago my son had tickets and his father in law got sick and they couldn't go i was blown away by him  ' i hope the wildlife market ban is true and it lasts but we know china  pretty cow and dog Gayle  hi Ruth how are you and yours i'm finding a few jobs i can still walk the dogs if i go early  hi Patrick how are you doing ?stay safe guys voted

Mary, did you mean Joe? I seem to be confused today LOL.  That was cool you saw him. Very cute birdie :-)  Indeed Mary about that China ban ha we shall see.   Hi Ruth and Patrick. Hope everyone is doing well. Hearing the virus is still spreading and people are not heeding the warnings to shelter in place. Patrick did you get your Chewy order? They said mine should ship April 3. Continued prayers for your son Mary and your daughter Ruth.  Enjoy Tuesday all.   Voted.


5 tips for taking better wildlife photos | Brainerd Dispatch

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