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TGIF ladies.. Are you getting too much rain Gayle? Hope your computer holds up Mary. Everything okay Ruth? Looks like rain here today and tomorrow. Maybe dry out Sunday.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and TY for those votes. :)

We got a fair amount of rain Patrick which is needed, and now looks to be at least 5-7 days of dry. Ruth, home things are well there? Mary, hoping your computer holds up .My youngest Grt-GR-son is quite sick and having breathing problems. He lungs were compromised at birth, both all turned out well. He get colds worse than is brother.  Hopefully Dr. will have some other news today.

All enjoy a great TGIF. Voted 

prayers for you grt grandson Gayle my youngest has a heart murmur he gets worse colds too ,those old winter colds are awful this year    computer is working ok today everytime i think i'l get rid of it it works i must keep threatening it lol  hi Ruth how are things with you ?voted

Wow, I'm really late here. Enjoying all of your comments and pics.

Praying for your Grt Grandson and doctor to help him, Mandi. Glad you got a good amount of rain.

You're getting your fair share of rain too, Patrick. Good you had some nice weather for doing chores, even though a little cold.

Your computer really wants to stay with you, Mary. Keep threatening it.

Good night. Welcome for votes. Voted.

Good morning ladies. Rained all night and now it's so foggy, I can't see the road out front.
How is your great grandson Gayle? Is he doing better? Glad your computer is working Mary, but you should still back everything up. I have had a couple go out intermittently like that. How are things going with you Ruth?

Off to do the newsletter, hope everyone has an awesome Sat. TY for the votes!

Gayle hows the little grt grandson ? Patrick fog is awful i think it causes lots of bugs too ,we get a lot of it here ,Ruth how are you ? all enjoy saturday voted

Morning going good so far.

Hope the fog dissipated, and not too wet, Patrick.

We had some light snow flurries, and rain the last couple of days. Now it's gray and windy.

The 2 love birds are so precious, Mary.

How is your Grt Grdson doing, Mandi? I saw a petition to protect against dog flu. I know Ruby is safe from it. She has a good mama.

Saturday good vibes to all. Voted.

Adorable pix girls put a smile on the ole face :-) Fog is terrible, we had some last week. Our rain is over for now and cold and sunny. My grandson installed a back up system on my computer Mary, just hope it's working LO. Ruth glad you doing OK there I haven't seen the dog flu petition Ruth, but getting lots of emails about it, what weird weather we are all having. Thank you all for your concern for my grt grandson. He had a chest xray and on meds and a possible little pneumonia. But they are watching him closely and feeling somewhat better. Tks again friends. All enjoy your Saturday..  voted

Awesome photos ladies. I have some more help coming today. I am going to have 5 or 6 trees cut down and dragged off. I don't like using a chain saw. I prefer someone else doing it, that has a lot more experience.
I hope everyone had a great Saturday. Today is supposed to be sunny, but brisk (40's F).

Have a pleasant Sunday, and TY for the votes!

be careful with that chainsaw Patrick   so much damage and dead trees everywhere after all the storms  Hi Ruth i hope its not too cold with the snow flurries love the cute pics  .Gayle i hope your grtgrandson is feeling better today ,love the snow leopards i will try to get my stuff backed up soon just in case  all enjoy sunday voted 

Cute pic Mary, and hope  you get  your things backed up when you can. And thank you for thinking of our little Evan, he IS feeling better today. Mommy had brother tested for the flu bug and both little guys are negative. Whew.

Patrick, my husband loves his chain saw. But this year hired help to do the trees, so don't blame you one bit for having others do it. Sunny here as well, but warmer than  you. Ruth hope all is well..  Voted !

Gayle love the cartoon  glad about Evan hi Ruth and Patrick how are you ?voted

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