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Are in your collection ~?? And WHAT WAS your most recent addition? (Guesstimate are fine...)

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I have about 250 DVD's more if you count the "collections" individually -- I like to watch TV shows on DVD, no commercials! Latest addition is "Juno."
I only have about 20 or so, I have had Netflix for almost 2 years, so I should have been copying them all

There just aren't a whole lot of movies I care to see more than once though. I guess I am more into music, as I have a ton of CDs. There are some CDs I can listen to 100s of times and never tire of hearing them.
Wow wee i have heaps of dvd's and there is too many to count.. The last dvd i brought was called Gunther's ER... Some of you may have heard of the bloke, he is the one who does autopsy's on body donors. And he has a body collection that travels around the world.. Many people may find his work revolting but i find it facinating.. It is interesting to see how the body works and how cancers go through bodies.. But may i make one suggestion do not watch the show if you are about to have surgery and they discuss and discect the part of the body that you are having work on, Cause silly me did and ooo was i having second thoughts about having surgery.. Mind you i went through with it and 12 months later everything is great..

melissa :-)


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