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The last flic you saw at the theatre?
The last flic you watched on-line/DVD?
The last flic you bought on DVD?

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Theatre: "High School Musical: Senior Year"
Went with friends and kids... This is a WAIT FOR DVD **shakes head**

On-line: "The Day the Earth Stood Still"
GREAT SFx & CGI ~! Keanu's best role yet - he's stoic & monotone so this role was perfect!

DVD bought: "Mamma Mia!"
LOVE this stage-play to big screen tribute to ABBA with a nifty premise. Worked 10 shows, saw it two more times on stage (including once in Las Vegas), saw it at the theatre and again on DVD. **shrug** 15 times, not bad ~!
Theatre: Knowing
Bought: Garfield Movie
ink heart .. brendan frazer


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