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We moved onto our own farm September 2006 and brought our pigs & chickens with us. I wanted to get 2 Dairy cows but have a Beef-type Stud for them. So we went bull shopping. I definately wanted a young bull so that we could trust it's temperment by watching it grow-up.

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After we moved into our farm, I made friends with another farm "up the road" from us (only 5 miles or so) and started helping them out on their farm in credit towards more livestock. Around thanksgiving I mentioned that I wanted a bull-calf to raise as a bull for our farm. Friday was brought to my attention.

Well Friday was born on Good Friday 2006. Friday was half-Angus and half-Hereford so he was black with a white face. Unfortuneately his mother died during calving. Because of this he was bottle fed and received tons of extra attention and formed a close bond with humans. Since they loved Friday they decided to give him to me to keep as a bull instead of becoming a steer for somebody's freezer.

(more to come in another day or two)
Waitin' for more about the bull.. LOL
Yes, I've been a bit behind in my story retelling duties.

Catman said:
Waitin' for more about the bull.. LOL
So we brought him home and kept him in the barn with the pigs. He was halter trained so I would take him out during the day to go for walks. I soon learned that I didn't need to even hold onto his lead rope and he would just follow me around the farm. The farm was not fenced in yet but, Friday would just follow me around and stay within FIVE feet of me at all times. It was SO cute. He was constantly wanting to be pet & rubbed. He was a little guy for his age so his shoulders went to about my waist. I would hug on him too. We started considering training him to ride as he got older (yes you can train a cow to ride - just like a horse, they make more sturdy trail rides because they don't spook as easily as a horse - I'll find a picture and post it).

More to come ... I would say in a couple days but it might be a week.


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