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Big changes in the Tigerman Saga DVD s

When making the YouTube DVD Part I Sample, I redid the frames. I dumped the text captions and let the art illustrations fill up the whole viewing window. People who have the DVD Part I, or downloaded the longer sample from the Tigerman website, said they liked the YouTube a lot without all the text captions.

So, all DVD s now will have no text captions, except in Chapter openings and a couple other frames where there is little or no art.

I already have several new ones going out, and Robert (Kumbahya) is one of the recipients. He will be getting 2 of them, both with and without the text captions (because I had already burned him one, prior to remaking it). So, he gets the last one with text, that will ever be made, and the new version as well.

So, how does one get a DVD Part I?
Nope, you can't buy one..

They are NOT for sale :)
The only way to get one, is to donate to NWHS, and then I will burn one for you as a thank-you gift from me personally.

Tigerman DVD Info Page

I really don't want to see NWHS sell a bunch of stuff, except through the little Cafe Press store, where very little goes to NWHS. It's there mostly for people to have those NWHS branded items to show support.

So, if you donate to NWHS as described on that Tigerman DVD Info web page, I'll see to it you get this DVD.
It also now goes with my 2 music CD's as well. I just haven't changed that web page yet.

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A very short YouTube sample of Part I, Tman Saga


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