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Earth Mother (real name revealed later into story)
Tigerman (real name revealed later into story)
Spargo Ferinus
Col. Nathan "Snake" Stiles

(The McDaniel Brothers)

Another Stiles (not sayin' lol)

Other versions of Earth Mother and Tigerman (not sayin' lol)
Pelexis (not sayin')
Taow and Keelaz
Egyptian Royal Guard
Egyptian King and Queen
Various Gardeners of the Universe
3 Kings, The Wise Men (brief)
Jesus (brief, but poignant)
Merlin the Magician
Merlin's Serf
Man on the street

Plus a plethora of animals and other assorted creatures.

Writing about a character is difficult. It's hard to try to "create" a personality. If people hate Stiles, then I have done something. If people like other characters or connect in some way, then I have done something.

The problems with presenting this story I encountered is varied. Making the illustrations and scenes. Having to create many characters in text is one thing, but making them visible in a piece of digital art is quite more. I tried to make them look like they acted. Since it was my first foray into 3d digital art, it was something I had to learn while creating.

It is also written in 3rd person. No character ever speaks a line. It's a narrative, and is more difficult than one would imagine (it's like spinning a yarn). Especially on a very large scale, such as this project (still ongoing as DVDs). The DVD project is why the Saga is in 3rd person. I am now narrating the entire thing into a multi-media project and have found my way half finished on Part II. Trying to create voices for all those characters, by myself, would be daunting to say the least. The DVD's have sound effects and background music as well. That too is work.

Back to the characters:
They are like my children.
Even though my writing skills may not always convey it through the Saga, I indeed had a very precise idea of the personalities I wanted to convey. It's difficult trying to create in enormous economy of words (the story is in all "illustration captions" only), and still cover a lot of ground. I sincerely hope a reader/viewer can see the character's personality, motives, and maybe even bits of ego and eccentricity. The villains are easier to define than heroes, because there seems to be a lot more of them in the real world. Heroes are scarce in real life.

I also tried to convey some philosophy, "moral to the story", satire and even some "bending of physics" (I played a little fast and loose on that effort, LOL).

I am the only one in WCN at the moment, so I thought I would add a little about the mindset of making this project. It took 16 months of weekend work, in between everything else I do, so for whatever it's shortcomings, I am at least proud to have finished it. :D
That indeed proved to be the hardest part.

Thanks for reading this (if you get this far)

Peace and Goodwill to all of Earth's lifeforms
(and all those beyond Earth).

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