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I posted this on the main discussion forum, but also wanted to encourage members of this group who have a special interest in Ecuador's rain forest to watch 60 minutes tonight. It is very enlightening to see how Big Oil Companies and similiar type companies operate in the field and how they treat the local people in other countries--for oil or other products for US use. You'll get a better idea of what Playa de Oro is fighting against.

60 Minutes is doing a segment tonight on oil drilling in Ecuador and a the environmental destruction aftermath, which led some Ecuadorians to file a lawsuit against Chevron/Texaco. The case has been going on for years, and I went down to this area and got to talk to some of the native people involved and happened to get stuck in an airport one day when all the environmentalists and legal team were stranded in the airport, so I heard a lot about it from them too. It will be interesting to see how much of the "real" story they show on 60 Minutes tonight. But I am glad it is getting some attention anyway. This happened on the eastern side of Ecuador, on the other side of Ecuador from Playa de Oro, btw.

It's on CBS, comes on at 6 pm tonight. Segment is called Amazon Crude. If you miss it on TV, they post some of their story videos online:


(CBS) Sunday, May 3, 2009
AMAZON CRUDE - Ecuadorians are suing oil giant Chevron, the owner of Texaco, because they say oil drilling in the Amazon jungle by Texaco polluted their fragile environment.

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Wonder if anyone in this community is able to record it and get some scenes we could use for a TTJ YouTube.
I'll be watching, there is also a movie call Under Rich Earth, that won awards at the Film Festival this year, but I haven't been able to find on DVD any where yet. It is about the Intag village of Apuela and their fight with the copper miners. The more positive coverage these shows relate the better the people of the whole will understand what acutally goes on between the BIG COMPANIES and the everyday people of Eucador just trying to live their peaceful lives, and not destroy their enviroment.
Thank You Tracy, I found it and I am very interested in watching. Our time zone is different . I live in Philadelphia, Pa. and it is airing at 7 pm here on CBS tonight , which is perfect b/c I just saw the posting and it is 6:25 pm here now. Thanks again.
Holy cow ... can't believe I missed this ... but it should be posted online soon enough ... :)


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