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These are photos of the PDO village working to build a concrete flood wall along the river. It appears the project had not gotten very far along before the flood. They are digging out some of the bank, getting ready to install cages filled with river rocks that would be later filled with concrete. These photos were taken just a few days BEFORE the flood. Bless their hearts, they were working hard to do what they could to prevent something like this flood from happening.

For those of you who have been to PDO before, this area where they are digging out, when you arrive to the village at the boat docking area and walk up the steps, when you are facing the village, this is the far right end of the village. Most people don't walk down this far, so you may not have been down here or may not recognize it. Or, to help get your bearings, this is the opposite end of the village from the guest cabanas. I think the bank is lower down in this area of the village, and perhaps why they were starting to build the flood wall in this area.

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Having a major flood in the middle of building a flood wall has to be disheartening. :(

Everyone looks like they were busting their butts and working together. Had to be a major feat to get that big backhoe there. Did they drive it through the jungle to get it there?
Yes, they did have to drive the backhoe through the jungle to get it there. No roads coming in to PDO. That in itself was probably very slow going, as it is very steep and rugged terrain there. The PDO village itself sits on one end of the land, or the downriver end of their land, with the neighboring villages that have done logging and mining downriver of PDO, where big equipment would have been used in those places. The majority of PDO's land sits upriver of their village, and there are no other villages beyond them, it is pure dense virgin rainforest upriver. The back home would have come in through the downriver end, through neighboring village lands that had already been logged, and onto POD's land from that direction. Thank goodness for that, because that allowed the virgin rainforest upriver to stay in tact when this backhoe was brought in.

I know photos don't really capture the true difficulty of their work....those big round rocks you see are granite, very heavy, and much bigger in real life than what they appear in the photos. Most are bigger than your head! They make me think of dinosaur eggs, they are so big!
Shwew,,, all that work getting that heavy equipment there, all that work to start on the flood wall,, to then be thwarted by the flood.
You're right! I didn't even think about how they got the back hoe there- what a job that would be! And from the pics it looks like everyone was pitching in and working hard.

Tracy, have you heard any updates from PDO?
Ramiro emailed me today (Friday), and said he was expecting Julio to call him on Saturday, which is what I thought they would do. I had sent a list of specific thigns I wanted information about concerning teh flood, but I don't know if Julio will be able to answer everything I asked about. He may have to take the list back adn have teh village president to get the list completed. But hopefully we will have a little more info from Julio tomorrow for the time being.


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