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This thread is to acknowledge those here that assist the Touch The Jungle program. Reading the other threads, you will realize what an awesome program this is, for saving REAL Rainforest.

Your assistance makes you personally, a vital part of this program.
Donation money ends up in entirety, in Ecuador, in the villager's hands, as US Dollars.
The US Dollars is strong in Ecuador, because the average income is so low there.

For instance, if the Playa de Oro villagers end up losing all of their crops due to this very recent flood disaster, then they are forced to go buy food. If they use US Dollars, they can buy at the closest market village and feed the entire village for a month,, for $200.00! They can hunt and fish for meat supplement.

Use the Paypal button on the front group page here, and help in any way you can.
I realize people get weary of being asked for donations, especially in this crappy economy, but this is a way for YOU to make a REAL difference in saving REAL rainforest. Touch The Jungle isn't just some "advocacy only" rainforest program. It is so real, that you yourself can actually go there and explore the jungle, and meet the villagers.

Where else can you help, and then actually go there and see what your help is actually doing?

Priorities at this time, for the village of Playa de Oro, is food and a boat motor. There is a PayPal button on the main page of this group, please go click and help in any way you can. Your name will be added to this thread.

If you are unable to help financially at this time, we will be starting another thread for other ways to assist this brilliant rainforest preservation concept.

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I made a 5 dollar donation, through PayPal, using my Visa. I wanted to test the system and make certain that it will keep the TTJ donations separate from the regular NWHS donations. You will see the regular NWHS PayPal page when going to donate, but the donation goes through a different email address than the regular NWHS (touchthejungle@humanewildlife.org). You will get the regular PayPal receipt email, plus NWHS will send a Thank-You receipt with information on how to use your donation as a US federal tax deduction.

It works! (TY Tracy for info on how to set this up)...

I am just coming out of a disaster here at the sanctuary facility, so 5 is all I can give this week.
I will get paid Monday and do better. I will be adding a donation each payday until we hit our goal!

Who will follow suit?
Any amount is great help!
it is not working for me!!!! it wants to send the funds to NWHS, no where does it say it will be donated to Playa! helpppppppp!
I clicked the button on this page, NWHS DONATE but it looks like the money is going to NWHS, but as you said the donation is actually going to PDO.
I just returned from PDO, it is so sad for me to see how hard they were working to protect their village from the river and the exact work they were doing has caused them to loose cattle, and homes and food. Everyone in the village was working building cages for the rocks. Others were hauling rock in boats, others working with the backhoe to clean the area and put the rock cages in place. But, the rain came so suddenly and washed the disturbed bank away with the houses. They also lost the gardens they had, with the bananas, plantain and vegetables. They have no way to make money to buy food for their families. We MUST help them, the mining companies and lumber companies will be there with help in exchange for their land. If you had the choice of your children starving or saving the jungle, which would you do? I have just return and gave the teacher $500 and my money is really tight until I sell a few kittens. Please give anything you can so we can get food to them asap. It is a great trip to on, going to the jungle and supporting the rainforest and village. Make plans to take your vacation there, it really does change how you think about things. It costs less to have a great vacation in Ecuador and help these people than to got other places and just help the travel agents and airlines. I have sent Tracy pictures of the work they were doing, she will send them so you can see for yourselves how the villagers all works together.
As I mentioned, it will show the regular NWHS page, because there is only 1 business allowed to a paypal account, and only 1 paypal allowed to a business. LOL.. That's what Tracy and I had to figure out (actually, she did not me)

When you donate, it will be the regular NWHS paypal page showing, but going through a whole different email address (touchthejungle@humanewildlife.org)

When you get your receipt, hover over the name, National Wildlife Humane Society, and you will see the new TTJ email address. That tells me, to put that receipt in the TTJ folder. I also forward these TTJ donations receipts to Tracy, so she can keep a duplicate folder (in case my email were to ever crash, or my PC).

Also, you will get a reply receipt from NWHS, using the new TTJ email address, to validate that your donation indeed is going to TTJ, and it's printable as a record for your federal tax deduction using the NWHS 501(c)3 nonprofit tax ID#, if you choose to use it as such.

Sorry if it seems a bit confusing, but it works, and it gets the show rolling. :)
Once there is sufficient enough funds to warrant a check, NWHS will tally the donations in the folder and send to Earthways, in the full amount. It will be earmarked FOR Touch The Jungle.

Niether Eartways, nor NWHS will be taking any cuts (except for the small paypal/credit card fees) and that money will go to Ecuador directly to where it will be used.

EDIT: Reply to Grace.
Thank you for this important update Grace. I sincerely hope members of WCN, and especially this TTJ group realize the importance of buoying up the PDO village. There has been a vast amount of work and finances to create this awesome program.

The miners and timber companies are ruthless. We need to make certain the villagers stay the course and keep this program alive for now, and forever.

It takes so little, when many help.

Again, I will be donating each and every paycheck until we see this back on track. Trust me, with the National Org, the Sanctuary, my family, home and many other expenses, my finances are stetched quite then, especially after the huge disaster here. I can always see a bit to help this program though. Once given, it will never be missed.

SaraServal said:
it is not working for me!!!! it wants to send the funds to NWHS, no where does it say it will be donated to Playa! helpppppppp!
Big Props to Sherry, an Admin here at WCN!
Sherry just donated 25 bucks. To give an idea what that means, it's enough to feed the entire village for 4 days (because it's in US Dollars being spent in Ecuador).

Thanks Sherry! Stop by her page and give her a High Five ^5

Sherry's Page
Even though Grace just got back from Ecuador, and probably spending money there, she just donated $20.00 herself!!
For all she does for this important rainforest program, and regularly guiding people on an adventure of a lifetime, go by her page and give her a ^5.

Grace is a really nice person as well. A great human.

Grace's Page
see if my $5.00 went to Tracy (Playa)
Just to be clear, so you are not confused when you click on the Paypal button and see NWHS--
The project Touch the Jungle which works with Playa de Oro, is actually sponsored and overseen by the US nonprofit Earthways, and I am the project director. Any funds that you donate using this paypal button is collected by NWHS, and then sent on to Earthways. I don't have a way to collect online or credit card donations for the project myself, so Patrick offered to help out this way utilizing NWHS's paypal account.

If you don't want to do an online payment or use a credit card, but you still want to help out, you can mail a check directly to Earthways. Be sure to notate on the check that the funds are for Playa de Oro or Touch The Jungle. The mailing address is:
Earthways Foundation
20178 Rockport Way
Malibu, CA 90265

Either way you donate, both Earthways and NWHS are nonprofits, and your donation is eligible for a US tax deduction, and all of it goes directly to the project (other than the small credit card processing fees).

Thanks everyone for your support and help.

Yes indeed, and when you view your receipt you will see the special account email address:

Thanks Sara, we have this train rolling. Everyone get on over to Sara's page and give her a High Five ^5

SaraServal said:
see if my $5.00 went to Tracy (Playa)
"you can mail a check directly to Earthways. Be sure to notate on the check that the funds are for Playa de Oro or Touch The Jungle. The mailing address is:
Earthways Foundation
20178 Rockport Way
Malibu, CA 90265"

I want to reiterate that. Earthways has a bunch of projects and programs. They have stepped up to bat to help many projects. If you don't denote Touch The Jungle, or Playa de Oro in the FOR section of your check, they won't know your intentions.

Tracy and I have been talking about how NWHS can assist for quite some time. Touch The Jungle is precisely the type of program NWHS seeks to partner in on. Why?
The stated philosophy in the NWHS website and in multi media presentations is: "Keeping It Real"

Real people. Real wildlife sanctuary with real tigers and such. The headquarters is surrounded by Real wilderness filled with Real wildlife. As Tracy and I talked, TTJ seemed an awesome fit simply because it's Real.
Real people in Real equatorial rainforest being preserved. The NWHS Board of Directors agree. Why?

Touch The Jungle is "Keeping It Real"

So, if you want your Real dollars to go to Real rainforest, then this is a Real project to support.
You will be a part of something Real.
You will be one of the Real people that makes this happen.
I know I've said this before, but I highly recommend visiting PDO. It really will change your views on life and it's an experience you'll never forget!!
Even if you can't go any time soon. Making a small contribution to these people and the jungle they preserve, will help secure your future prospects of seeing this place in it's pristine glory.

I have discussed some direct NWHS assist with the board of directors. We had a decent donation from a regular charitable giver out in CA., and I would like to share a bit of it with TTJ. More info to come concerning this.

Jodi said:
I know I've said this before, but I highly recommend visiting PDO. It really will change your views on life and it's an experience you'll never forget!!


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