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Please post the YouTube link, or embed the video wherever you can. This project needs positive attention and public support.

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Great idea, Catman. Any promotions out there can only help bring exposure to the project!

I am working on putting together a tour group to Playa de Oro for this upcoming August....stay tuned for details!
Get pictures of the new stairs! LOL
(Tell them to scratch Catman in one of them, that's as close as I will ever get to going there) :(

I would love to though. I see no way though.
Its getting some ok views, but if folks want to grab the embed code, and plant it around the net, it will definitely help this great rainforest preservation program. I think Tracy mentioned the August tour is full, but this is a great time to start working on the next one. There is also the Intag village, which needs assist as well.

So, if members of this TTJ Group want to help get the word out, just ask what you can do. Posting links all around, and embedding the video code helps get this program more exposure.

If you can't make a trip there to help support TTJ, any donation is always appreciated. Every penny, except the very small PayPal charge, goes to the villages to help sustain the project.
It's a great video:-)


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