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A spectacled cobra was rescued by our PFA (People For Animals) Hoshiarpur Team last week.
Information was received on the morning of 22 June at around 7:30 am that a snake charmer was plying in Kulpur area about 50 Km from Hoshiarpur, who used to catch snakes and used to fool people by saying that by making the snake drink milk and enchanting mantras he can cure any disease. Reacting immediately to the call our six member team rushed to Kulpur village. The raid was conducted at about 9:00 am. On searching the place thoroughly we found a spectacled cobra, in a small basket tied in a cloth. He was suffering from dehydration and not reacting to any movement around. On enquiring about the condition, the charmer said that he had made him eat some kind of herbs that’s why he’s not reacting to any movement, he was sub conscious. The snake was confiscated and the charmer was just warned as this was the first time he was convicted. His details have been recorded in the register so, if he commits crime the second time proper legal action will be taken against him. The snake after being provided with water was released in the wild.

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That's awesome Sim! He's beautiful
People have a deep fear of snakes, so they have no respect for them. They are an integral part of the chain of life and need protection.
Thnks Pat..people fear snakes but at the same time do not respect them. If a snake crawls into their house the first thing that comes into their mind is picking up a stick to kill him But I think that with that stick only they can direct him out of the the house.....
I'm so glad he was rescued


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