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That Bird-Brain Is In Love...But With Who??

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Recently our mate Leo the budgie passed away - (he was old) - And we were so sad....Weren't we Gus. Yes, he's nodding. I hope he's not taking too much notice of how I'm doing this. I don't want him sto start getting ideas about doing his own blog on here, Anyway, the human was distraught. Not only that, Jackie the budgie, who I always knew was a little short in the brain department, spent days calling out for Leo. I think he just thought Leo had gone on holiday. Well, it was driving us all NUTS!! Then the human got this great idea. Apparently, she was told not to give him a mirror...That he would never talk with a mirror in the cage. Well, that bird-brain never spoke without one. I reckon it must be second-rate genes, eh. But I digress. Anyway, the human found an old mirror that she wasn't using and put it in his cage. Well,I haven't had such a good laugh in ages. Jackie has fallen in love with the bird he sees in the mirror. He doesn't realize that he is looking at himself. So, who's a good boy then? We haven't heard a peep out of him since. He's too busy kissing that birdie in the mirror,

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Comment by Peggy on December 7, 2008 at 2:00pm
lol ,lol cute !!!

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