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Welcome New Citizens, Please Read!

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Read this to better understand this website and our friendly community.

Please feel free to browse the many cool features here. You can choose from numerous "looks" by clicking Theme and selecting a template. Get adventurous and personalize your page by adding your own touches to your Theme. For folks savvy in html, there is even an Advanced mode to really tweak your page.

PMs and Friends Requests show at the top right of your page. Answer PMs and accept/reject Friends Requests there. You can add music, text boxes (that have html enabled), groups, a forum, notes and even photo albums! We have recently added emotes, games and a chat, per citizen's request.

This community is for people,,, not companies, foundations, clubs, associations, etc. as accounts. Please sign up as a person, not a business. A business account is too much like advertising, and we have no ads here. As an individual, you can create a group concerning a club, association etc. Please, no groups for commercial ventures, or to sell things.

Even though the basic premise of this Social Network is wildlife conservation, this by no means limits discussions. Chat about anything you like, just keep it clean. Thanks.

Meet people, invite people. Just keep in mind we are looking to build a nice friendly Social Site here. Art, music, current events, and just general chit-chat is certainly welcome. If you have wildlife concerns, or just enjoy the outdoors and all the wild critters that abound, make discussions or even create a group and invite others to become involved in your group.

Create a group of any interest, but please NO explicit sex, violence or anything offensive. This site is also NOT about "sex meet-ups". Please watch what you use for a nickname, album pics and profile photos*. This site is for FUN and friendly interaction. There are other sites that tolerate offensive and/or explicit sexual behavior. If you desire that sort of interaction, take it there.

The atmosphere here is meant to be light and friendly, but it's ok to get serious over issues that concern you, just no flaming other people's opinions.

*Profile Photos
It's ok to use a cartoon, art drawing, animal, wildlife etc., but if it's a real person it must be your own photo.

There is no limit to the numbers of members here, but there will be No Tolerance for harassment, trolling, spamming, flooding, explicit sexual content or any of those types of unacceptable behavior.

Banning is possible, please don't make us do it.

If you need any help on anything please feel free to ask Catman, Admins or more veteran users. New stuff can be confusing, and asking for help or advice is the best way to get going quick and maximize fun.

Although this is not an "Adult Site" per se, and there is NO overt sexual content allowed, we prefer an over 18 membership (us grown-ups need a place to go too). If you are under 18, please act mature or you will be asked to leave. If you are an adult acting like a child, you too may be asked to leave.

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