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At 5:47pm on March 13, 2019, Catman said…

FB has been screwing up all day :\

At 2:02pm on February 8, 2019, Catman said…

They responded pretty quick. Later on, I'm going to make a big push to get more members who may be more active. It's hard to compete against FB, even though we have no ads and do not sell people's data. Plus, FB doesn't let people change anything on their pages. All pages are plain white there. I keep waiting for people to get weary of FB's heavy handed treatment of members.

At 8:28pm on February 7, 2019, Catman said…
Something's messed up, that's for sure
At 12:13pm on January 27, 2019, Ruth McD said…

Posting on your page since it's been a while. Love, and hugs for you, Ruby, and Buster from Rohke, and me.

At 3:32am on September 11, 2018, simranjit singh said…

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes :)

At 6:44pm on August 28, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Hey dobie crazy' girl. We always stay in touch at Vote Tigerman, but wanted to post to your page for old time's sake.

At 12:27am on April 8, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Yes, relaxing time. Lioness knows how. Thanks for love and hugs from both of you for Rohke and me. Ditto.

At 8:41pm on April 7, 2018, Ruth McD said…

    A day late. Forgive me. Hope you had an awesome special day:)

At 7:25pm on March 31, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Lots of hugs from Rohke and meXO

At 1:47am on March 18, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Love to all of you from both of us.

At 3:15pm on February 16, 2018, Ruth McD said…

That little guy from Madagascar is so funny. Weekend hugs for all of you from both of usXO

At 1:51pm on February 8, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Thanks for very happy rain drops for Rohke and me from both of you. Glad you love pic. It is mesmerizing. Maybe if we stare at it long enough it will start raining. Wishful thinking, but you never know. Thursday love and hugs all around.

At 9:31pm on February 7, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Sweet rain. Drip drip.

At 8:43am on January 18, 2018, Ruth McD said…

Thinking about Ruby. Woofs from Rohke.

At 5:00pm on January 5, 2018, Ruth McD said…

You're welcome. Thanks for cute and snuggly dog, and love for both of us from all of youXO

At 2:15pm on January 5, 2018, Ruth McD said…

All of you have a great TGIF. Love always, Ruth and RohkeXO

At 6:31pm on December 29, 2017, Ruth McD said…

Glad you're getting 60s too. Thanks for Friday hugs.

At 4:51pm on December 29, 2017, Ruth McD said…

I don't blame you for making split pea soup too. It's very tasty and cozy food.

Glad it's not too cold there. We had 60s today. Nice to have a break from the really cold.

Friday night hugs <3

At 11:47am on December 28, 2017, Ruth McD said…

Ham is good for Easter too. Robert cooks soup like your daughter with the ham hock. He makes pea soup with it. Double yum. He does it every year, and we always look forward to it.

It's sad about all of the horrible snow storms going on. We still have snow on ground, but blue skies again. Hope your weather is not too cold.

Cute brother and sister kitteh and doggeh pic.

At 6:01pm on December 27, 2017, Ruth McD said…

Awwww, very cute Christmas kitty. Glad Ruby saw pic. The ham was really good. Lasagna is a great food tradition for Christmas. It's 45F  high today, so not too cold. Hope your day was not as cold as it was this morning. Love ya, Ruth.

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