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Below is a copy of the W1 members email I sent. Please add thoughts, remarks, recommendations etc.


I know many/most of you have not signed into www.wildlife1.com (W1) for a very long time. I am trying to make some decisions concerning this social media site. Facebook has become very harsh in policies and has even been selling member data (they just got hit with a $5 billion fine for doing that).

I have maintained W1 for well over a decade. It started out gangbusters but got overwhelmed by Facebook. W1 has everything FB has (groups, profile page, forums, etc) ,,, except, their barrage of ads and harvesting personal data.

W1 doesn't do that. No ads, no data harvesting and a general place of friendly wildlife conversations and non-aggressive atmosphere. However, it does cost National Wildlife Humane Society every month. Around $25 a month. While not a big cost, it seems a waste for such a fine social media site to be empty.

I am starting a Forum thread (on the right side of most pages) called Status of W1. If you would like to see this social media website to continue and even improve, please sign in and add your comments. There's a "forgot password" function if needed.

I would like it to remain, but I need help. It would be nice to have an alternative to the greedy sprawling social media sites like FB and others. W1 was around before FB got popular. We can breathe it back to life if people want. I know it won't replace the FB monster, but it's a nice place to go, to get away from FB now and then.

There will NEVER be ads or data harvesting at W1. I will close it before doing that.

So, stop by, throw in your 2 cents. People who love nature, wildlife and animals in general, should have our own spot on the net. Remember, "people go, where people are:"


Patrick "Catman" Webb

President: National Wildlife Humane Society

Director: Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary

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There is currently 960 members in the W1 website. The All Members email I sent, will probably not reach many, because a lot of people change email addresses now and then. It will be interesting to see how many it reaches and how many sign in.

The forum is viewable by the general public, so old members can still see this, even if they can't sign in.

If you no longer have the same email and can't sign in, just rejoin,,, adding a note that you are rejoining.

Thanks for your dedication & integrity, Patrick !

I've never been interested in FB, and don't appreciate its commercialism & its eclipsing other platforms. Care2 was my main social network until it started to get buggy & drop more & more features.

At this point, I get a hefty volume of petitions from non-profits sent directly to my e-mail inbox. Many posted here I've often signed already, but I don't mind "dropping by".

When I logged in, there was a message that my e-mail was not secure - is this a Ning thing now ?

Hoping for the best here, Pamylle

Thanks Pamylie. Yes, I haven't purchased the SSL to add the the URL (makes the address start with https instead of http). However, since I have no embedded apps, nor Google Adsense/tracking, nor anything else that would create a possible exploit, that purchase really isn't necessary.

FB has the https (SSL - secure socket layering) because they have a bazillion holes from all the embedded games, ads, Google tracking, data harvesting etc. Yet they still have hackers, phishing, account theft etc.

The only one who sees member's emails, is me. If the site was busier and people made some donations, I would consider buying the SSL certificate (even though it's not really warranted). The reason it would require donations, is because I have not monetized the network (ads and data trackers) and I NEVER will.

Come by anytime you like. It's as much the member's social network as it is mine. I have no desire to be another Mark Zuckerberg, LOL. If I had his money, I would just blow it all on rescuing and caring for animals anyway

Oh,,, you can always drop by and hit the Tigerman voting thread and see the animal photos we add daily, as well. I can always use those votes to drive Tigerman up the ranks (provides visibility to the Saga, which has a link to NWHS on every story page)

I have been a Wildlife1 (W1) member for some years now. It's a safe social network, has members with the same passion of saving animals, and habitats, and doesn't have tons of ads, unlike some sites, like FB.

Come on over to Vote Tigerman Saga, which supports tiger conservation, and post comments. Enjoy animal pics, members have posted, and share yours too.

On the upper-right side of this page, click last reply on Vote Up Tigerman Saga Daily in Top Webs' discussion.

Besides posting there, you can click the Top Webs' button, at top of the page to vote for Tigerman Saga.

TY Ruth. ^5

You're so welcome, Patrick. I hope members who haven't been to W1, in a while, and/or ones that join, see our post, here. We're in this together ^5.

it has been 10 years since I joined, though I don't use the platform that frequently now but learnt a lot out here. Its such a wonderful place for the people who care for nature and wildlife, can never leave it. :)


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