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I'll try to find some way for her to get off and on the boat, at the next marina. We'll have to get off the boat at the front, which sits higher then the back of the boat. The finger pier that run along side the boat, from the dock, is only 8 feet long. So it will be difficult.

I'll figure out something. I have to,,, we could be there waiting on a weather window for weeks. Carrabelle is a small town with nothing going on, other than being a departure site to cross the Big Bend.
On another note, we have been pre-paying for cat kibble and our neighbor has been dumping 40 lbs at a time under our carport, for the ferals. He doesn't like cats (or any animals) but he's doing it for us.

I see 7 in the pics his wife sent, and I don't see the ones I liked the most. Blackie (the one that tore through the screen and escaped from being moved),, Goldy, who's the brother of one of my pet cats, Ginger,, and Patches (she has no tail). I figured they died.

However, yesterday, his wife sent a photo from their back porch, and it was Goldy! It doesn't relieve the pain of not knowing what happened to Ginger and the other 3 pets, but made me feel good anyway. I was doing well taming Goldy so I might get to see him when we return in late June.

We'll probably never know the fate of our 4 pet cats, so there will be no closure there. Seeing a feral I liked, helps a tiny bit though.

Have a nice Monday and TY for voting and being friends

Cute pic Mary and you are cold with fog. Cold with sun here today. Patrick hope all is well. Voted hi Ruth. All have a nice Monday

Wildlife Conservation | National Geographic Society

Good afternoon friends. Karen and I went to the laundramat and washed any dirty clothes we could find. Now everything on the boat is clean. Then we went to Walmart (which always sucks) and stocked up on provisions. Tonight and tomorrow is severe T'storms, so we'll have to keep a close eye on our fenders and the dock. I moved the fenders from the boat to the pylons on the dock, so they can provide bumper no matter where the boat shuffles around during the storms.

Still looking like a departure date of this Thursday, although the storms tonight and tomorrow will have the seas sloppy for Thurs., but the winds will have subsided and won't be dead on our nose, nor against the current. That helps.

Our neighbor thinks she may have seen Blackie! She feeds an outside cat at their place, which is black (probably Blackie's dad) but has a white spot on his chest. Blackie is solid black. He's a cool cat, even if he did tear a hole in my office window screen and get away. Otherwise, he would have gone to National Tiger with 17 other ferals and our 5 pets.

We're getting pretty stoked about this next passage, first time anchoring (something we need to get good at). We want to be good at it, because if the anchor drags, we could damage the boat.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday and your weather better than ours. TY for voting and putting up with my long news on our boating adventure.

I hope all works out OK with the kitties Patrick and your adventure and Karen.  Hi Mary and Ruth cold and sun here. Enjoy Tuesday Voted.

14 Wildlife Cameras of Animals That Have No Idea the World Is in Crisis Right Now | SELF

great pics Gayle cold here too but the fog has lifted Patrick its good that the kitties are still coming for food I hope you get to see your Goldy again hi Ruth happy Wednesday all voted

Love the pic Mary. Hope your not too cold there. Little warmer here but cold mornings. Glad kitties are being fed Patrick.  All enjoy Wednesday. Voted hi Ruth

Hump Day Camel Pictures, Photos, Images, and Pics for ...

Pandas are so cool, and those lions making their way through the marsh. Lions don't care much for water,,, tigers love water.

We had horrible storms early this morning. Gusts up to 60 mph. The boat was rocking and rolling. Glad we were not out to sea in it. We postponed our departure for tomorrow, until Fri. More about it on my FB page.

Hi Ruth

Have a great camel day and TY


not too cold here today Gayle nice that its a bit warmer for you Patrick its good that you are not at sea for the stormy weather sweet caracal hi Ruth happy Thursday all voted 

Cute pix Patrick and Mary, glad too Patrick you missed the storms. Warmer here today but windy. Voted Hi Ruth all have a nice Thursday,

A new lifeline for wildlife conservation finance | GEF

Great pics ladies, as always.

We are pulling out very early, then we'll be anchoring in a cove called Oxbow, on the intercoastal, so I may not be able to check in tomorrow. I have already finished the newsletter and have it scheduled to send automatically

I admit, I have a small case of the jitters, but that's a good thing,, it makes one more cautious. Caution is good when going out to sea.

Hi Ruth

Have a great Thursday,, and an awesome Friday (in case I can't get online)

great pics guys nice that its warmer for you Gayle still quite cold here but dry today. Patrick I think caution is the way to go take your time and you'll be fine enjoy the trip. Hi Ruth happy Friday all voted 

Enjoy  your trip Patrick. Be safe.  Cute pic Mary, cold there, cold mornings here and cooler today.  Voted. Hi Ruth. Happy Friday.

The magnificent lion: the symbol of Africa | WWF

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