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Awesome bird and cute baby camel Mary. Cute lion cub Gayle <3. Our lion Zeus, from many years ago, would sun himself on his back. Still could be photoshopped I suppose.

Hi Ruth

Have a good Monday and TY for voting

A Chinese mountain cat (size of a house cat)

Very cute baby camel Mary, hope all is well.   Not surprised a big cat would lay upside down to sun Patrick. Ruby does it all the time in the house just to be cute and get loves. :-)  Like the Chinese Mtn. Cat. Have a good Monday all, voted. Hi Ruth.

Lynx hybrid?

Big Cats - Lynx Hybrid - A Rare view into the Pride - YouTube

such beautiful cats Gayle and Patrick my dogs do that too Gayle to get loves and rubs hi Ruth all take care voted

Not sure what that black cat is Gayle. Looks like a domestic tom that's been in a fight, lol. I don't see lynx in him

Cute fox kit Mary. Has a butterfly friend. <3

Overcast here, with rain a little later.

Hi Ruth

Have a nice Tuesday and TY for voting

Cute little fox Mary. Dogs belly rubs :-)  Glad to see happy bees Patrick. More rain later, send us some. That cat did say it was a Lynx hybrid but I liked your take on it LOL.  All have a good Tuesday, Voted, Hi Ruth all stay safe.

Tiger Predator Fur - Free photo on Pixabay

bees and sunflower looks like summer Patrick sweet tiger Gayle still no rain we have it all here  foggy this morning but getting nicer now  hi Ruth all stay safe voted

Lions and tigers and bees, oh my.. LOL

Lion cubs are so cute.

We had a brief bit of snow flurries this morning. Going below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. At least no more rain for awhile.

Glad to hear it's improving in your area Mary...

Hi Ruth

Last day of the month, votes are all reset tomorrow. We did good this month.

Have a great day!

Cute tigers Mary, good to hear your weather is getting better. Not so much for you Patrick. Sounds very cold. Very cool Eagle pic.  Getting hot here. Dry too. :-(  Have a good Wednesday all. Voted Hi Ruth

What a beautiful leopard Gayle.

28 F. tonight, not a very funny April Fools joke. lol

Hi Mary and Ruth

Have a great Thursday and TY for the votes.

beautiful owl Patrick sorry your weather is getting worse  ,yours is getting  hotter  Gayle, beautiful cat , not bad here today  hi Ruth all stay safe voted

Wow cold Patrick. Mary glad  yours is better. Both bears are so cute!   Hot hear in the 90's .Voted Hi Ruth.

Free ride.

56 Un-Bear-Ably Cute Momma Bears Teaching Their Teddy Bears How To Bear | Bored Panda

Greetings ladies. Bear cubs are the cutest!

It's cool but sunny here to day. Supposed to get up to 70 F on Sunday. Great for the kids doing Easter egg hunt. lol

Have a Good Friday (literally) and TY for voting

Hi Ruth

Mandarin duck,,, posing lol

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