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That robin chick looks like a punk rocker, with his spiky hair, lol

Has you t-storms passed Mary? We have a gentle shower, but a single big clap of thunder just hit and we quickly unplugged the phones. Buried phone lines run the juice into the phones if they aren't unplugged.

Hi Ruth

TY for voting, have a pleasant Sunday

Great Horned Owl

Gizmo will enjoy the cooling water Patrick my dogs are so tired in the heat they want to stay indoors they are waiting for the rain to come back tstorms passed still very hot I pity you and Gayle in the even hotter weather beautiful burrowing owls great horned owl and sweet little robin chick Gayle  hi Ruth all be careful in this heat voted owls 

I didn't know about unplugging phones with buried lines Patrick. We don't have them here but my daughter does in Tracy. Nice looking horned owl. Stay cool.

Mary, Ruby same indoors when so hot out. Glad  your T storms passed, but sorry it's still hot. ;(  We are still hot here as well. Lazy wolf. :-) Voted have a nice Sunday Hi Ruth

It's a standoff?

No News on Dobie, Bears and Wolves - UPDATE July 17, 2018 - The Wildlife Research Institute

it sure is a standoff Gayle ,our rain came back today lots of flooding forecast I think we are getting all the rain we were due last week together I was hoping some of it would go your way hi Patrick and Ruth all enjoy Monday voted

I  hope it's not hot too with your rain Mary, cute bear.  Hi Patrick and Ruth. Voted Have a nice Monday Warm and humid here.

Top 5 Mom and Cub Facts - Polar Bears International

Running late today. Awesome photos!!

Keeping it short, still lots of chores left and the sky is darkening

Have a great day!

Hi Ruth

Great Indian Hornbill

Good afternoon ladies. Hot and humid today. It's quite hazy so no nice sunshine. At least it's not raining,,, yet. lol

Today is Gizmo's fasting day, so he's not real happy about that.

My yard is shaggy and my riding mower is still down. I called the lawn care guy, left a message, but no response. He's the nephew of my neighbor that died a couple weeks ago (covid, delta). Hopefully my lawn guy didn't get exposed.

I hope you ladies are having a fine Tuesday.

TY for voting

I love these little guys-- a tarsier

That is an adorable little guy Patrick. So sorry about your lawn and the lawn guys. Gizmo not happy today. Your weather sounds yucky. We too are having about the same. Humidity and hot.  All have a nice Tuesday. Voted

Malaysian  TapirSchabrackentapir Tapirus indicus Tiergarten-Nuernberg-1.jpg

We had rain here last night not as bad as forecast I hope you get an answer from your grass guy Patrick all that rain makes for tall grass beautiful hornbill and tarsier  Gayle what beautiful bears still very hot for you?hi Ruth happy Tuesday all voted

Another hot one today. In the 90's F. Beats the heck out of sub-freezing temps though.

He called me back yesterday, about setting a schedule for cutting my property, but didn't actually give me a day. I fed Giz early today,, along with a cooling down shower. He's always extra hungry after a fasting day. I added a half pork loin to his regular dinner.

Cool tapir and deer...

Hi Ruth

Have a great camel day and TY for voting

Puffin, with a mouth full of dinner

beautiful tapir Gayle its humid here too but not so hot as your place ,good that you heard from the lawn guy Patrick I bet Gizmo is happy now with his big dinner and cool shower puffin heading home with his catch 

 hi Ruth all enjoy Wednesday votedgila woodpecker

Glad Gizmo ate big and shower. It is humid there Patrick. Puffins are cool. Nice deer Mary and Bird. You have humid weather as we do. Hot here as well. Voted all enjoy camel day. Hi Ruth

Bull Elk Deer Large Antlers Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 14970080.

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